Entries to fill the Vacancy of Member of working Group on Discrimination against Women in Law and in Practice at UNHR

Deadline- 23 OCTOBER 2012

Countries/Region- Latin America and Caribbean.

Applications are invited by Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights,United Nations Human Rights,   from Latin America and Caribbean States to fill the vacancy for “Member of working group on discrimination against Women in Law and in Practice ” which is  arisen due to the  resignation of its member group of Latin America and Caribbean States.

Criteria- According to Human Rights Council resolution 5/1, the following general criteria will be of paramount importance while nominating, selecting and appointing mandate-holders:

  • expertise;
  • experience in the field of the mandate
  • independence
  • impartiality
  • personal integrity
  • objectivity.
  • Qualifications- relevant educational qualifications or equivalent professional experience in the field of human rights; good communication skills in one of the official languages of the United Nations.
  • Relevant expertise-knowledge of international human rights instruments, norms and principles; as well as knowledge of institutional mandates related to the United Nations or other international or regional organizations’ work in the area of human rights; proven work experience in the field of human rights.
  • Established competence-nationally, regionally or internationally recognized competence related to human rights.
  • Flexibility/readiness and availability of time to perform effectively the functions of the mandate and to respond to its requirements, including attending Human Rights Council sessions.
Who can nominate candidates?
Paragraph 42 of Annex to Council resolution 5/1, provides that the following entities may nominate candidates:
(a) Governments,
(b) Regional Groups operating within the United Nations human rights system,
(c) international organizations or their offices,
(d) non-governmental organizations,
(e) other human rights bodies, and
(f) individual nominations.
Paragraph 22 (a) of Annex to Council resolution 16/21 of 25 March 2011 further provides that national human rights institutions in compliance with the Paris Principles may also nominate candidates.

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