EIDHR Call for Proposals: Supporting Human Rights and their Defenders

Deadline- 1 August 2013

Proposals are invited for European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR): Supporting Human Rights and their defenders where they are most at risk Program. The mission of this program is to to enhance the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in countries and situations where they are most at risk and where human rights defenders and civil society organizations work under severe constraints and are most under pressure.

The global objective of this Call for Proposals is to enhance the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in countries and situations where they are most at risk and where human rights defenders and civil society organisations work under severe constraints and are most under pressure. The specific objective of this Call for Proposals is to support and protect human rights and their defenders by reinforcing their capacities to do their work in the short and long-term, as well as providing tangible support and means of action to local civil society in the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms in some of the world’s most difficult, dangerous, repressive and unpredictable political situations and/or where they are the most vulnerable and threatened.

The overall indicative amount made available under this Call for Proposals is € 15.000.000. The initial planned duration of an action may not be lower than 18 months nor exceed 36 months.

Eligibility & Criteria-

  • be a natural person or an entity without legal personality
  • be a legal person
  • be non-profit-making
  • be specific types of organisations such as-
  1. civil society organisations, including non-governmental organisations14 and independent political foundations, community based organisations, and private sector agencies, institutions and organisations, and networks thereof at local, national, regional and international level
  2. public sector agencies, institutions and organisations and networks at local, national, regional and international level
  3. national, regional and international parliamentary bodies
  • be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with the co-applicant(s) and affiliated entity(ies), not acting as an intermediary
  • No nationality restriction applies to applicants ,co-applicants and, if any, affiliated entities

This is a restricted Call for Proposals. In the first instance, only Concept Notes must be submitted for evaluation. Thereafter, applicants who have been pre-selected will be invited to submit a Full Application Form. After the evaluation of the Full Applications, an eligibility check will be performed for those which have been provisionally selected. Eligibility will be checked on the basis of the supporting documents requested by the Contracting Authority and the signed ‘Declaration by the Applicant’ sent together with the application.

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  1. Rev Charles Bazibu says:

    Am working with the CBO called children’s help and support is best achieved with attitude. This Organization is here to fight for the rights of orphans, Children living with HIV/AIDS and children with disabilities who are most marginalized groups of people in the rural and urban communities. So, Am looking people with good heart to support me. It is a registered organization. And was started on 17th./july/2010. Unfortunately We have not any helping hand! Yet the children are being mistreated, their properties are being grabbed by their relatives or neighbors, they don’t have opportunity to study and complete, most of them end up on streets! that is why we have come up to stop such a vice!

  2. amumpaire willbrod says:

    Thanks brothers and sisters. am a Ugandan who loves and treasures human rights with all my knowledge. having had that love for long i have managed to combine my ideas with other ladies and gentlemen an am proud that at my 25 years of age we have a fully registered NGO which is non profit making but only to have our rights preserve an i believe with your support even the sky is not the limit.

  3. Fidelis Balakasi says:

    The uMunthu Centre for Environment and Education–UCEE–is a not-for-profit interest organisation registered as a company limited by guarantee on 20th December, 2012. The UCEE’s mandate is the management of programmes addressing and promoting stewardship of environment and its resources in the spirit of uMunthu values and conducting advocacy aiming at rehabilitating and protecting the environment through formal and informal education.

    uMunthu is defined as “the art or science of being a human being” (Bhengu, 1996:10). According to Broodryk, (2002:56), uMunthu is defined as an ancient African worldview which aims at promoting primary values of intense humanness, caring, sharing, respect, compassion and associated values, ensuring a happy and qualitative human community life in the spirit of family. uMunthu as an ancient philosophy or worldview has its roots deeply anchored in traditional African life. The UCEE endeavours to explore new avenues for socio-economic developments–relevant to the general public in Malawi in this 21st century–by building on local and indigenous knowledge for community-driven development programmes.

    The UCEE’s mission is to contribute to the promotion of uMunthu literacy and values as embedded in traditional and cultural value knowledge systems (TCVKS) among the citizens by rehabilitating and caring for the environment and its resources in a sustainable manner through education, networking, training, research, publications and advocacy.

    I am founder and current Director of UCEE. I would like to know if you can fund a newly established organisation – less than a year old? We would like to submit a concept note on cultural and environmental rights in Malawi- Sub-Saharan Africa. What is your advice?

  4. pascallinahn ntenya says:

    My name is pascallinah nthenya 34 year of age .i learn a community based organization wich is non political and non profit organizatin .iI deal with girl child education and poor women on improving there living ,throug education and opening a vaccational training which carries several activities

  5. David Masiko says:

    Am working with the Anglican church of Uganda with its establishment accross the entird Uganda. Oneof our Rights Based programmez targets the fisher folk on Lake Victoria island called Kalangala Island. The project is called Lake Victoria Rights Programme (LVRP) and supported by Diakonia Sweden. Through this prgramme Church of Uganda is running an advocacy campaign on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, trains Human Rights Defenders as community advocactes and is at the same time responding to women and childen’s rights. This cal for concepts is very approprate considering that these same people on the islands are the most hard to reach and have the highest HIV prevalence rate of 27% in Uganda. Expect my concept note on time and am sure the Church of Uganda as both a civil society and faith based will stand a good chance.

  6. calvin mongare says:

    I have watched the lives of children in the slum areas for so many years and felt that their rights are not well matched-well among the communities that i have come across. Currently am working with Baraka Community charitable Institution and it covers slums in Nairobi and Thika slums in KENYA. The rights of children are highly undermine more especially in slum areas and with Baraka programs a child is child nothing is of prioritizing for a certain group or category!

    I strongly champion for their rights in education, food, shelter and health. Among these children there are orphans, destitute, abandoned/neglected and handicapped. My worry and seeking of advice is whether we are eligible for a funding as an institution that oversees that the rights of children are well safeguarded?
    Please offer your directions in this.

  7. Ayyed Abdulsahib Naser says:

    I’m Mr. Ayyed , the founder of IFCL “Iraq Foundation for Cultural Liaison”. IFCL steering committee is searching for fund to support the new created entity named Alliance of Peace for Iraqi NGOs. We believe that this Alliance is very important with the bad security situations and disappeared sectarian conflicts in addition to massive violence for women rights and children rights especially in the rural areas.
    IFCL is non-governmental, no-profit and independent organizations aims to increase the culture of peace, democracy and human rights in the Iraq who still encounters many challenges to attain the required reforms in the democracy and human rights systems.

  8. Daniel B. Wehyee says:

    I am Daniel B. Wehyee, Program Associate, working with Rights and Rice Foundation, a Liberian based NGO operating in 7 counties of the country in Natural Resources Governance, Community Empowerment, Human Rights Training and Monitoring, Conflict Prevention and Peace-building, Literacy and Numeracy and Good Governance Promotion.

    I believe that this call is in line with our goal and mission which focus on ensuring equitable distribution of the nation’s resources and social justice for all and community empowerment.

    Our institution has interest in submitting concept note to begin the application process. Please advise and thanks for sharing the information with us.

  9. Nebah Dieudonne Fru says:

    My organization SIRDEP-Cameroon has as one of its objectives, advocacy on Human rights especially the rights of the physically challenged(disable). These group of people are often stigmatized and discriminated upon, their rights not respected by both the community members and government in terms of employment and social amenities. They are often looked upon as outcasts and therefore they live in misery.
    I wish to know if EIDHR can give us funding to continue with advocacy for the rights of these special group of people, given their state.
    Am waiting for the response.

  10. A N AL AHSAN says:

    I am existing director of Sammilani Seba Sangstha.org
    Sammilani Seba Sangstha(SSS), women and child headed local based non government voluntary organization (NGO) has been operating in Jessore District since 1987. SSS has been working for neglected and deprived people carrying with elongated experience on some specific social issues such as-Education, Women Empowerment, Capacity Building, Livelihood Improvement, Gender Equality, Agriculture Development, Development of Person with disabitites, Rights & Governance, Disaster Mitigation & Management.
    Our mission is Establishment of rights for poor, underprivileged, women & children and empowerment by promoting a just society for positive change to women seek to establish gender equity, equal participation in development and decision making process, democratic governance, in family, group and community level.

  11. Johnson D.Choppala, Ph.D. says:

    It is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt Non profit Charity

  12. Johnson D.Choppala, Ph.D. says:

    I am the founder along with my wife, Mridula, and President of OASIS International Eunuch(TG) Welfare, Inc. It is a 502 (c) (3) tax-exempt, not for profit,charity , incorporated in the State of Mississippi with 4-6 million Hijras(TG) in India as it’s target population. They are firstrst rejected by their families athe society at large. They are denied of all their basic rights. We are also registered in India. Because they are transgender woamen they are forced to beg andnprostitute and dance at weddings and child-birth celerations for a living. They are disperesed all over India and lost in the sea of humanity. The rejection and denial of their rights, they have become invicible and no one notices that they are in the world’s largest democracy. Therefore they languish and suffer inhumane treatment at the hands of the society.

    I would like to submit a Concept Note. Do you think OASIS is relevant? A response is requested.

  13. Kheng Vanneth says:

    Thank you for shared very importain for us and Cambodia.
    We hope that past your funding to support beneficiary in community.
    In Cambodia have a lot of issues on human right from impover.

  14. Moses Lwochaza says:

    Am a Human Rights Defender and a focal person in my region working with National Human defenders coalition of Uganda and a Coordinator of a civil society media local based CBO Organization called Busoga Media Network (BMN) and among the objective is advocacy for human rights among others.

    I now wanted to know if this network can be funded to continue with its advocacy in Human rights. Our objectives are broad as we have many issues to handle in the community through sensitization and advocacy.
    Over to you for response.