Netherlands Fellowship Program for Short Course ‘Leadership in Social Work’ 2014

Deadline: 15 January 2014

The Netherlands Fellowship Program is inviting applications from working professionals in government, non-government or private organizations in one of the NFP Countries for Leadership in Social Work Training being held in Enschede, the Netherlands for a year starting from September 2014. The major objective of the fellowship program is to help increase the number along with competencies of skilled staff in government and non-government organizations working in the Social Work Sector.

Individuals interested in obtaining a managerial role in the Social Work Sector are encouraged to apply for the short course. Women and those working in Sub-Saharan Africa are strongly encouraged to apply.

Participants of Short Course Leadership in Social Work gain theoretical and practical skill in Social Work and after successful completion of the program, they will become trained social workers who can handle the managerial role.

Eligibility Criteria –

  • Government or non-government professionals who are the nationals of and work and live in NFP Country with at least three years experience and is nominated by her/his employer with clear need for training within the context of organization.
  • Candidates should have applied for University of Applied Science Short Course ‘Leadership in Social Work’ 2014. To qualify for the training course, candidate must have 180 ECTS in a bachelor of Social Work/Social Services degree or a bachelor of Social Educational Care from a European University. Applicants outside of the EU/EEA will need to complete an assessment concerning content.

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  1. Girma Amdie says:

    I am from Ethiopia and I hold my Masters Degree in Leadership and Management. I have experience working with different sectors on a leadership and administration positions. Currently, I am a founder and leader of one charitable non-governmental organization to serve my community. I have a burning zeal to get more knowledge and skill in leadership social work areas. I humbly request my appilication to get your training opportunity with financial support.


    I am Agnes Ayoo from Uganda East Africa and worked with different NGOs for two years and currently working as Customer service consultant at a Banking company, social works is my passion and any trainig in that field is my dream.
    I am absolutely interested in the course to further my knowledge in MY carrier as a social worker.
    Waiting for positive directives from you

  3. Hi,

    I am Thuji, special need social worker in Civil society Organization in Bhutan. I find this course relevant for my professional development.

    I would like to know how do I apply, as the deadline is nearing

    Thank you

  4. M.Hussain Akhone says:

    I Hussain Akhon President Border Area Dev.Org Kargil J&K India working with social sector since 10 years. I wish to join this course and after the course contribute more efficiently and effectively in development sector. I hope this programme give me an opportunity to build my capacity.
    with regards
    M.Hussain Akhone

  5. Chotak Gyatso says:

    I am Chotak Gyatso from Leh Ladakh, J&K, India, working in non Govt. Development organisation since last 20 years. I hold diploma in pharmacist/Medical Assistant and have long experince in social development field. I would to improve my skills , knowledge and capacities in order provide effective leadership for the organisation. I would be great if you could consider my application for this course with financial support.

    I look forward to positive response


    Chotak Gyatso

  6. Doris Darkwah says:

    Good morning

    I am Doris Darkwah and I work with A non governmental organisation in Ghana as the programs coordinator and I have been in this position for over two years now( .I hold a bachelors Degree in politics and information studies but have had a lot of volunteering done with different NGOs. Working with vulnerable persons has been my passion and as such have had to play a natural role of caring for the people I work with . I am very interested in applying for this program to upgrade my knowledge.

    It will be a great opportunity for me and the organisation I work with if I am accepted into this program as I believe the knowledge I will acquire will help my organisation but also the beneficiaries I work with.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Best Regards

    Doris Darkwah

  7. I’m Maimun From East Africa Somalia working for different with social sector since 7 years with Coordinating INGO and The community . This course is very important to me and contributing more efficiently and effectively in development sector. I hope this programme give me an opportunity to build my capacity. hearing from you


  8. I’m Maimun from East Africa Somalia working with social sector since 7 years and now i m Coordinator of different INGO for Promoting for a leader ship process and political parts special on gender issues,

    so this is important to me because contributions are more efficiently and effectively in development sector. I hope this programe give me an opportunity to build my capacity and skills


  9. Salim Khan says:


    I am Salim Khan working in development sector since last 20 years in India in Health/ Education/Family Planning/Water & Sanitation/ development/ Social Welfare sector and worked with leading national & International development/Welfare agencies, consulting firms & state governments in various parts of India. I have a wide range of exposure to integrated development sector both in the field & policy level and programmatic approach such as Program management, health system strengthening, health system financing, program implementation, capacity building, partnership coordination, Community based planning & monitoring (CBPM), Program Monitoring & Evaluation. In addition, having excellent capacity for team work, a good organizer and has good analytical skills and commitment for social cause.

    I would like to attend the this short term course on leadership development. I look forward to hear from you.

    Thanking you

    Salim Khan

  10. I am a social auxiliary worker currently working with People’s Welfare and Dvelopment a non profit organisation operating in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. Our head offices are based in Pretoria South Africa. I have three years of exprience in Social Work

    I am interested in the fellowship and i am requesting for more information on how to apply

  11. Dr. Shafqat Saeed says:

    It is very good programme. I am working in university as Director of Sub Campus of BZ University, Multan, Pakistan. I am interested in “Leadership in Social work’ 2014. programme. I am interested to improve my leadership skills. How can i apply for training grant?
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    With best Regards
    Shafqat Saeed

    • What a pity Dr. Shafqat Saeed! A director should have sufficient leadership skills. seems like you want to avail a travel opportunity which is realistically for deserving candidates.

      The management and administrators of the course need to be vigilant and careful on the selection criteria and process.

  12. Muhammad Fiaz says:

    Me working with social sector since 10 years and now i m district Coordinator. I wish to join this course and after the course contribute more efficient ly and effectively in development sector. I hope this programme give me an opportunity to build my capacity.
    Muhammad Fiaz

  13. Pfarelo Netshimbupfe says:

    Hi, my name is Pfarelo and I am a professional Social Worker in South Africa! I would also like to part of the short course to gain my managerial and Social Working experience!

    Kindly advice if I am the suitable candidate to apply and also please supply with the application procedures!

    Thank you

  14. James Mulah says:


    I’m James Mulbah, from Liberia West Africa. I hold a Vocational Certificate in Social Forestry and a BA in Sociology. I would like to participate in the up coming Fellowship program for short course “Leadership in Social work’ 2014.

    I’ve a great deal of experience, and currently an Assist. Social Sustainability manager in Golden Veroleum Liberia palm oil company in Liberia.

    I would be glad if I’m accepted to build my skills and capacities to effectively contribute to the transformation of my organization as a leader.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    James Mulbah