SIDA’s Training on Child Rights, Classroom and School Management

Deadline: 27 April 2014

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) is inviting individual or team of 3 experienced executives from middle and top management positions in their respective organizations for training program on Child Rights, Classroom and School Management. The main aim of the training program is to improve participating countries’ capacity to offer and ensure everyone’s right to relevant and quality education, an education that is safe and secure, inclusive, student-centered, democratic and problem-solving and that creates opportunities for all, regardless of background, to participate in community life as active citizens.

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Training will be conducted in two parts

  1. 15 September – 9 October 2014 at Lund, Sweden
  2. 10 Days in March 2015 in Indonesia

Eligibility Criteria

For more information, please visit Training Announcement page.

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  1. Avatar Shewaye Tike says

    This will be a wonderful opportunity for the International Rescue Committee (IRC) working to improve the lives of refugee children and youth through the implementation of child protection and education programs in Ethiopia. The IRC has a sector focusing on child and youth protection and development programs. The IRC meets the eligibility criteria and would be a great opportunity if the team is given the chance to attend the training.

  2. Avatar Mahaman Elh Ousman says

    I noted that at no time the awards have included my country (Niger) among the beneficiaries. I had like to know why this discrimination. Many managers from Niger did graduate studies in English. Better,other non-english speaking managers are in the process of taking courses in American cultural center and other specialized schools.

  3. Avatar BOGERE ALPHONCE says

    Foundational for education is working to improve the lives of orphaned children in Uganda.We are seeking to know where we can get funding for transportion/communication.

  4. Why is Nepal not in the eligible list? Is it possible to apply for the training?

    • Avatar Gamala Luitel says

      Hello SB,
      Only individuals from eligible countries can apply. We are sorry!
      Please find relevant opportunity and apply.
      Good Luck!

  5. Avatar Habsah Marjuni says

    Unfortunately Malaysia is not in the list of prioritised countries. Although the citizen children have access to education, the same can’t be said for the refugee children here. Perhaps you may consider countries hosting refugees as well in future programmes.

  6. Avatar Gezahegn Getahun says

    Who is responsible to cover all training cost including travailing cost?Can an individual participate in the training particularly who were working in such programs but currently not working in any organization?

    • Avatar Sonia Pun says

      Hi Getahun,

      The applicant must be working professional.
      For further information, please visit the link provided at the bottom of this article.


  7. Avatar Dr. Azeem says


    I am chairman of PHP foundation at Pakistan. This seems to be very help full training in achieving quality of child care and education which are our top priority programs, We are non for profit orgnization working in domain of public health. As Pakistan is not enlisted countries mentioned on web page, would you let me know either me and my team is eligible to attain seminar.

    Dr Azeem

  8. Avatar mayanja ernest says

    hello, SEMPA troupe Uganda is a grass root organization operating in Uganda it would like to send the three representative but what will be their perduem

  9. Avatar Amon Lukhele says

    I am interested to participate in the training since i see Malawi as country is among countries targeted.

  10. Avatar Bhanu Parajuli says

    I couldn’t find the Nepal, a country of Mt.Everest ( highest peak mountain), where still more than 10 % children out of schools and large chunk of children dropouts from the school system ( Out of 100 enrolled at grade 1, a total of 57 kids dropouts while reaching the grade 10).
    Hopefully, Nepal would also select for such kind of generous training package. Thank you

    with best


  11. Avatar Phillimon Phiri says

    This is could be a good training program for me and my organization. My organization is involved in the protection and promotion of human rights conditions surrounding female prisoners and their circumstantial children incarcerated in dilapidated Zambian prisons that were built predominantly for male inmates. circumstantial children’s rights are passive and silent in our Zambian Prison Act.

    This training will help my organization if accorded the chance to attend.

    • Avatar Gamala Luitel says

      Hello Phillimon,
      Please check the eligibility criteria carefully. If you and your organization meet the eligibility criteria, apply for the training program. Visit the link we have provided at the bottom of the article (find line beginning with ‘For more information…’) and begin the application process.
      Good Luck!

      • Avatar Mr Aaron David says

        This could be a good trainig for our organization because we are dealing in promoting education and human rights in Tanzania.

  12. Avatar Uttam Das says

    Dear Sir,
    This is a wonderful chance for me if I get the chance for the program to learn something for our teachers. I am also working for our organsiation at the bottom level or the grassroot levels for underpreviliged dalit community. I hope I may do better if you give me the chance to the training.
    Uttam Das
    Executive Director
    Khulna, Bangladesh-9000

  13. Avatar Judit de Sousa says


    I have checked the eligibility criteria that SIDA’s offer but not include Timo-Leste. I would like to ask SIDA, if possible it is good to give this opportunity for Timorese people as well. I am really interesting to participate in the training, because I worked closely with schools and now I am doing mentoring with teachers. When I found this information, I think that this is more relevant with what I have done so far, I want to build my knowledge on new skills, so its can help me to support teachers in my country.

    I hope that SIDA will think about this.


  14. Avatar S.Pandiaraj says

    On behalf of women bright society I wish to participate in the program.Kindly help me for registration.

    • Hi,

      If you want to register for this program first of all you must visit the link provided at the bottom of this article and follow the instructions carefully.


  15. Avatar Mohsin Khan says

    Why not from Pakistan where 1.2 million children are out of schools and remaining having poor quality and management???Is it discrimination??

  16. Avatar Anthony Amankwah says

    I am Anthony Amankwah from Accra-Ghana, a member of the Ghana United Nations Association(GUNA). On behalf of the entire Executive Committee fro the Abeka-Lapz District Branch Chapter I just found this information and i would be glad if you could give us the opportunity to participate and establish a long lasting peaceful bilateral relationship with you.I take opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the preceding while i patiently waits for a very favorable response.
    Anthony Amankwah.

  17. Avatar Julius Kigozi says

    Hello, i too want to take part in this program. Please help me with the process

    • Avatar Gamala Luitel says

      Hello Julius,
      Please check the eligibility criteria carefully. If you meet the eligibility, click the link given on the bottom of the article (last line beginning with ‘for more information’) and begin the application process.
      Good Luck!