Global Grant Opportunity for Peacebuilding Activities

Deadline- 9 August 2013

Peace Direct, a UK-based charity has launched a new grant opportunity for peacebuilders who need some support to help grow their impact and their organization. ‘Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders’ is a the global competition of Peace Direct under its Insight on Conflict program to find the best emerging peacebuilding organizations and provide with funding.

Selected organizations will receive:

  • $4,000 funding for peacebuilding activities
  • The opportunity to attend a Peace Direct peacebuilder conference or visit another peacebuilding organisation
  • Promotion of their work online.

In the longer term, Peace Direct will use this competition as part of our processes to find partner organisations that we can further fund and help to scale up their work.

The winners will be announced on the International Day of Peace, September 21.


This is a global competition. There is no geographical restriction on applications. In order to be eligible to enter, you must:

  • be a registered organisation or community association, established for at least 2 years
  • be undertaking peacebuilding work: your organisation will be either a peacebuilding organisation or have peacebuilding as a substantial element of your work.
  • have a maximum annual turn-over of $40,000 or less
  • be locally based: Your organisation must be based in the country/communities where your work will be done. Your organisation should be an independent organisation, not an in-country or satellite organisation of an international NGO.

The generous supporters of the Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders competition are The Rockwool Foundation, the Blandford Lake Trust, the Serve All Trust and the Trusthouse Charitable Foundation.

For more information, visit this link.


  1. Muhammad Zahid says:

    Nice Opportunities for conflict affacted area but here is lack of local NGO so that is share the opportunities with them

    Many thanks for this Opportunities

    Muhammad Zahid khan

  2. Aleper Albert Jimmy says:

    am a ugandan from Karamoja sub-region, Kotido district, I founded a Community Based Organization (CBO) Called Semi-desert Development Foundation (SEDEFO),
    a Musical group with the purpose of creating songs that would bring peace in the region of karamoja since insecurity was in its highest peak, many songs were written and sung during many events that occured, and some were taken to madie houses to be braoadcasted to the local community and that was from 2003 to 2008. then later we felt as a group to have it registered as an organization, to advocate for peace in higher levels also and also diversify the activities.
    However, these opportunity would enable SEDEFO carry on Peace Building project well because we already have various straties of reaching the conflicting communities.

  3. NETOH COSMAS says:

    I am the Project Officer and Northern nomadic Disabled persons Organization. The Only organization that forges networks with people with disability in nortehrn Kenya. Northern Kenya is well know of its perenial clashes and killings, insecurity has escaled to such a level that a national catastrophy.
    With such a call to beuild peace networks I do believe as an organization we will be a good chance to educate and sensitize the community on security. We will appreciate any form of engagement coming from this call up!

    Kind regards,

    Netoh Cosmas
    Project officer

  4. Daniel Ungok Kur says:

    Dear Peace Direct
    Iam the Executive Director for Kuac Area Development Agency ( KUADA) . KUADA is non.partisan, non. forprofit organization with mandate to keep strong active youth infrontline to Promote Peace , Democracy and Human right as well as developmental activities. We aim at providing equal development and Acccess to basice services to the South Sudanese community who been thirsty for peace and development in 21 years of civil war,the Organization came to existent on 15 february 2009 up to the present day 2013. KUADA is based in Warrap State (Gogrial West ) bordering the South/North Sudan Oil rich Contested region of Abyei. The organization Observed the Sudan General Elections and South Sudan referendum and deployed 360 Domestic Observers in Warrap State only.urrently we are implementing a four years program title Community Security Funded by UK based organization called (Saferworld).We have also worked organize the Peace international day in Warrap State-Kuajok town in South Sudan for the first time in the country on Sept. 21 2011.South Sudan is the newest African country and in the world that gained her independent on 9 July 2011. It has been in War with sudan Government for 21 years , people here are tramautize by this war and be to be less peace minded, Local organization are still with less capacity, therefore we interesting to apply for this funds to facilitates to visit some organization that are experts on peace building in east African region Such as kenya Uganda so that we learn more from them.
    Daniel Ungok Kur
    KUADA Executive Director
    Warrap State- South Sudan

  5. mama sarah says:

    We highly acknowledge the receipt of the call for peacebuilding proposal, it fall within our manadate as a women Association which spear head peace building activities in the County and also it is in line with the National Peace and reconciliation plan that wil be implemented in July this Year and we are going to apply to get the funds to implement our targeted activities.


    Mama Sarah Natalino
    Yei County Women Association
    Yei River County
    Central Equatoria State – South Sudan

  6. Bwambale Kipako Christopher says:

    Thank you very much for this call. I am the Programme Director, Uganda Change Agent Assocition (UCAA) and a trained Minority rights advocate by Minority rights group International, working with grassroot to promote the self reliant methodology in Uganda.

    This call comes timely when UCAA is focusing on peacebuilding activities for Teso and Karamoja regions in Uganda. We will apply for the funds so that the interventions may feed into our existing activities in the region.


  7. Stephen Eloto says:

    I,m working with Organization call Mwanga Integrated Development working in the our region to advocate peace building,peace reconciliation among the tribe fighting for the our area we have different tribes who are inhabitant in area.Therefore we are applying for the fund make our Organization implement plan activities in the region.I hope that your Organization will consider our request.


    Eloto Edome

    project co ordinator

  8. Solomon Musinguzi says:

    This is a timely Initiative which I believe will bring about great change to the entire world. Definitely I and my organization “Omukago Businge Peace Initiative” must try our luck because my District Kibaale is a real hot bed for tribal and land conflict. Otherwise thanks to the initiators!

  9. Mohammed Bello says:

    We are Centre for Research and Documentation (CRD), Kano, Nigeria.The Centre for Research and Documentation (CRD) is a non-governmental, non-profit making and non-partisan organization dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through research that is multidisciplinary, gender sensitive and geared to the building of a just and democratic society in Nigeria. CRD has been in existence for over 15 years now and it is committed to promoting research and generating knowledge for peace, progress and development in Nigeria. Our activities include the following;
    1. Conducting research
    2. Organizing trainings and;
    3. Organizing workshops and seminars.
    Providing training to local communities for peaceful co-existence is one of the major component of CRD’s activities. This it does through town hall meetings at various levels in different communities across the North west Nigeria which is under going security challenges at the moment, most especially Kano State.

  10. Uzezi Agbir says:

    Dear Peace Direct,
    Thanks for this advert. We are studying the requirements for the application and subsequent follow-up.

    The months of September to early November of 2012 saw some parts of Nigeria ravaged by flood that sacked many communities. These communities are presently in dire need of food rather in need of human security. I think Peace building begins with staying alive and having food to eat. Hungry people think less of creating conflict though it is a source of conflict.

    We are presently networking to raise fund for the affected communities in Delta State of Nigeria. Our organization-Community Peace for Development Initiative(cpdi) shared actively during idps evacuation exercise.

    We shall provide further details if required.

    Uzezi Agbor-Executive Director (cpdi)

  11. James Onunga Ongong"a says:

    I am the coordinator of the Broken Chains Ministry, which is a grass-root organization with a mandate of creating and building peace between and among communities in the Western part of Kenya among other things. This organization through its program “Zambasa Amani Kenya” managed to bring together the people of western part of Kenya prior to the Last general election held on 4/3/2013. It is now embarking on building and fostering a long lasting peace. The Director of this organization Mr. Joseph K. Kinuthia (HSC), was honored by the President and given an award of “Head of State Commendation” (HSC) because of this work. The only thing lacking is support to continue fostering and preaching peace through bringing the grass-root leaders together through frequent consultations. We pray that we benefit from this grant.

    James Onunga Ongong”a

  12. Thanks for the information, my organization will take advaantage of this oppotunity and i will also send out the communication to our members.