Wells Mountain Foundation ‘Empowerment through Education Scholarship’ 2014

Deadline: 1 April 2014

Wells Mountain Foundation (WMF) is inviting applications from post-secondary school students in developing or under-developed countries for ‘Empowerment through Education Scholarship’ 2014. The major aim of the scholarship scheme is to support students in extreme poverty with tuition fee, books and supplies, and related expenses to carry out their post-secondary level (college, university, polytechnic, trade school) education.

The scholarship is for the full period of study in a condition that the recipient maintain good grades, perform community service and provide copies of all semester reports and school grades as they are received.

Students pursuing education in health care, social work, education, social justice, as well as, professions that help the economy and progress of the country such as computers, engineering, agriculture and business are highly encouraged to apply. WMF Scholarship ranges from $300 to $3,000 covering tuition and fees, books and materials, and room rent.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Student must be from developing nation with financial need to complete studies and must study in developing nation with the scholarship.
  • The student must have completed secondary education with good to excellent grades, and must plan to live and work in their own country after they graduate.
  • The applicant must have volunteered or be willing to volunteer during the scholarship phase.
  • Applicants who apply before receiving official acceptance letter for admission to the school will be eligible for the scholarship only after s/he is accepted.

Complete application includes – a clear personal photo, two letters of recommendation, a personal statement, completed essay questions, official transcripts of grades from secondary schools, an official key from the school to interpret those grades, and results from national exam. Application must be submitted through online application system.

For more information, please visit Supporting Education, Literacy, and the Arts page.


  1. are Filipinos welcome to apply for your scholarship program? thanks and God Bless!

    • Hi,

      You have to check eligibility provided at the bottom of this article Probably this opportunity is for developing countries.

      Good luck!!

  2. malik kamran says:

    Every one who falls in the required criteria may apply for this

    thanks for all

    Malik Kamran

  3. ouma judith akinyi says:

    i read about your education support and i became interested given that i come from kenya and taking a course bachelor of arts religion, majoring in community development at bugema university, uganda. i am a lady who comes from a very poor background and i would like to request for your support. how do i apply?

  4. Bisoborwa Andrew Gonzaga says:

    I have just completed my Uganda advanced Certificate of Education Examinations currently waiting fro results, can i apply for this support?

    • Hi,
      Bisoborwa Andrew Gonzaga

      Please check your eligibility & criteria given at the bottom of this article.


  5. Christantus says:

    I want to apply, I am Ghanaian and a University of professional studies student, could you please help me with the procedure.

  6. I am an international student from Afghanistan studying at Georgetown college. I am also supporting financially and legal guardian (because my parents don’t speak English or use internet) of my two sisters who also have almost full scholarship through their school in NY for the last year and half I worked and supported them but it is getting really difficult for me to do so and my school performance is declining.
    Because I did not know the rules of crowd-funding, I added all the 3 years of my sisters remaining years of expenses Will Wells Mountain Foundation consider our application?

    • Gamala Liutel says:

      Dear Sara,
      Please read the eligibility criteria, visit the link provided on the bottom of the content and apply.
      Good Luck for your and your sisters’ future.

  7. I already have a university degree but will like to change career, should I apply?

    Second, I am in Sierra Leone, can I choose a university in another developing country located in Africa, say Ghana or Kenya?

    And finally, colleges/classes are already in progress, shall I still apply for the scholarship and then later apply at the appropriate university when applications are open to the public?

    • Sonia Pun says:

      Please read eligibility & criteria carefully provided at the bottom of this article.

      Good luck

  8. christantus kavaarpuo says:

    i am a level 300 student of university of proffesional studies, Accra, offering banking and finance.
    i from ghana and staying while schooling in ghana.
    i am personally funding my education and things are getting very hard for me, i wish and always pray that someone comes to reduce this burden on me. Please if you can help me please give me the necessary procedure to follow. Even if you would not fully finance my education but i would have a relief.
    Thanks and God richly bless all stakeholders of this organization for those dearly in deed you have helped and yet to help, i know what it means and know you would be blessed richly. Thank you.

  9. Donkor Hayford says:

    Please i need a helping hand you please help

  10. Brando Ndabateze says:


    I am a university graduate since 2012, I am currently volunteering at an NGO as I have not yet secured a job but I would like to enrich my knowledge by undertaking a masters program, this has been more challenging as I can not afford the costs for schooling,,can I apply for this?

    • Sonia Pun says:

      Brando Ndabateze

      You may first check eligibility & criteria provided at the bottom of this article.


  11. ortiz bugtong says:

    May an individual apply on behalf of target individuals?

    • Gamala Liutel says:

      If the ‘target individuals’ are eligible to apply, they must apply individually and themselves. Thank you!

  12. Ortiz Bugtong says:

    I am a product of a scholarship being a member of one of the tribal/indigenous groups in the Philippines. I am fortunate to have an education and obtained a degree but there are still indigenous members who are unable to have good education by reason of extreme poverty. It is this reason why we organized a cooperative not only for economic gain but also for educational purposes. We want the members to have improved economic condition which will ultimately allow their children to go to college to complete their education. Is our group qualified for a grant?

    • Gamala Liutel says:

      Hello Ortiz,
      Your group/organization/community must be legally registered to apply for any kind of fund/grant. Once you are registered, find appropriate funding opportunity and apply.
      Good Luck!

  13. Mrs Faith Ogbonna says:

    I work with an organization called Mustard Seed Foundation registered and operating in Lagos, Benin City-Nigeria. The organization is committed to OVC welfare.
    we would like to apply for this grant. are we eligible?

    • Gamala Liutel says:

      Dear Mrs Faith,
      You should apply for appropriate grant opportunity to receive the grant. We are sorry to say that this one is scholarship program, not a project grant. Please find the relevant grant opportunity on which your organization focuses and apply. This is the only way of supporting your project through external funds.

  14. can someone apply to this scholarship from Egypt?

    • Gamala Liutel says:

      Students from ‘Developing Nations’ (which includes Egypt) are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

  15. Stephen Enatiku says:

    I work with an organization called Alphavision Intl GHCF office (NGO), registered and operating in Lagos-Nigeria.organization committed to prevention of HIV/AIDS in the community and as well as promoting women empowerment program.
    we would like to apply for this grant are we eligible?

    • Gamala Liutel says:

      Hello Stephen,
      This one is scholarship program. Please find appropriate funding opportunity, make sure you meet the eligibility and apply. This is how you will receive the grants for your great cause. Good Luck!

      • Bisoborwa Andrew Gonzaga says:

        Ihave just finished my Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education examinations currently waiting for results. Can I apply

        • Hi,
          Bisoborwa Andrew Gonzaga

          You can just go through eligibility & criteria given at the bottom of this article.


          • I am a Zimbabwean. I just finished my Advanced level studies in 2013. My parents are peasant so no longer have money to pay for me, for my university level. I kindly ask for your assistance. Do I qualify to apply for the scholarship program.

          • Gamala Liutel says:

            Individuals from Zimbabwe are eligible to apply. Please check the eligibility criteria before you proceed.
            Good Luck!