Arab Partnership requesting Concept Notes in Egypt

Deadline:9 February 2012

The Arab Partnership works to leverage funding and support through multilaterals, in particular the G8 and the EU to provide a strengthened offer of support to the region.  In addition the UK is committing £110m over four years to the Arab Partnership, to support both political and economic reform across the region. It will use this fund to provide countries including Tunisia and Egypt with support for lasting political and economic reform through the building blocks of democracy: institutions, political pluralism, free media and economic fairness and opportunity. The fund is structured around six key objectives, political participation, rule of law, corruption, public voice, youth employability, private sector development.

Invitation for Arab Partnership funding in Egypt 2012-13

The Arab Partnership has opened a bidding window for organisations to submit project proposals in Egypt. In order to bid for funding, the Arab Partnership is now asking for Concept Notes

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