USAID seeks concept papers for Innovation Fund for Ethiopian Agriculture

The United States Government, as represented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Ethiopia has issued a call for submission of concept papers related to the Mission effort under the Systems Change Initiative (SCI) of the Feed the Future Strategy. The APS invites applications from Ethiopian Non-Governmental Organizations, U.S. and other international Non-Governmental Organizations, Ethiopian governmental and non- governmental research institutes.

U.S. and Other international NGOs are strongly encouraged to form partnership with Ethiopian (local) NGOs as part of their concept development and plan for sustainability. The program has been identified as the Innovation Fund for Ethiopian Agriculture (IFEA).

The program aims at developing innovative projects and investment opportunities that diversify the agriculture sector production and markets, promoting enterprise development along entire value-chains, and increasing the livelihoods of Ethiopians involved in the agriculture sector. Additionally, USAID/Ethiopia is seeking innovative approaches that address nutrition and/or climate change issues as they relate to our target population and geography.

Program Objective

This APS fund will provide funds to seed and scale up promising innovations with potential to catalyze systemic change across Ethiopia in the areas of agriculture and food security, nutrition and climate change. For example, this may include (illustrative purposes only):

  • Raising on-farm productivity through new technologies or practices;
  • Promoting agro-industry development;
  • Increasing sales of single product lines along entire value chains;
  • Creating permanent and seasonal employment in agriculture related industries;
  • Developing new single agri-business enterprises or value chains;
  • Expanding current enterprises or activities to a larger scale raising both employment levels and total sales volume;
  • Promoting community development groups and/or farmer organizations to deliver services;
  • Increasing the diversification of household incomes for vulnerable populations;
  • Promoting increased nutritional status among rural populations;
  • Introducing new technologies or community practices to reduce risk to natural disasters; and
  • Increasing knowledge of and on-farm practices related to conservation farming, natural resource management, or other climate change factors.

Award Size

The award size may range from $100,000 to $2,000,000 over two to five year period.

Note. There is a two-stage application process consisting of the submission of an initial concept paper and then, upon invitation by USAID, the submission of a full application. Through this APS, USAID/Ethiopia may fund up to a total of seven applications and a minimum of two awards may be reserved for local Ethiopian NGOs.

Last date for submission of concept papers is October 25, 2011

For more information and details, please visit this link and search by Funding Opportunity Number APS-663-11-000002

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  1. Ayana Haile says:

    Do you believe that there is enough food_ the matter of Ethiopia is the matter of farm and food diversification. i will give you further and important information how to sovereign the food security in Ethiopia.
    Ayana Haile, executive Director
    Forum for Livelihood
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  2. yeshewamebrat says:

    please, inform me when there is a call for proposal