2013 University of Ghana Research Fund (URF) 6th Call for proposals announced

Deadline- JANUARY 15, 2013

The Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID) is desired to announce University of Ghana Research Fund (URF) 6th Call for proposals for research activities that would enhance the image of ORID.

Levels of Grants-

  • SEED GRANTS- This is for exploratory/small proposals and would normally not exceed GHC 5,000. Such grants would be awarded for a period not exceeding one year and are targeted at faculty members at the early stage of their career to enable them to explore new ideas to apply for larger funding or bigger grants in the future.
  • INVESTIGATOR-LED GRANTS- These grants would normally not exceed GHC 30,000 and shall be for a period of not more than two years. Grants of this nature would be awarded to multi-disciplinary research project with at least one collaborator from another UG department/ Faculty.
  • MULTI-DISCIPLINARY GRANTS- This shall not exceed GHC 100,000 and are for multi-disciplinary and inter-faculty research projects which specifically address a national developmental issue and are also capable of shaping or influencing policy in Ghana. Grants of this nature shall normally not be awarded for more than 2 years and would be awarded to a multi-disciplinary research team. Only two grants will be awarded under this category for this call for proposal.


All grant applicants must be full-time Faculty members of the University of Ghana. Faculty members applying in the investigator-led and multi-disciplinary categories should have at least A YEAR’S service with the UG. Collaborators from institutions outside of UG must provide a letter of support from their institution.

How to apply?

All interested and eligible faculty members must make an application for the grant by completing the application form (URF/ORID/ Call 6 App. (Version 2)/11-2012) and submitting it with the endorsement of the Head of Department and the Faculty Dean as a single PDF document to the ORID by email.

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