Small Grants Funding Stream: Strengthening the Capacity of Persons with Disability

Deadline: 14 March 2016

The Small Grants Funding Stream helps organizations to build a broader movement to advance the CRPD at state and local levels.  Organizations can use funds from DRF to strengthen the capacity of persons with disabilities (PWDs) to participate more actively in decision-making processes in CRPD implementation and monitoring or to advocate for the advancement of rights defined in specific articles of the CRPD.

In addition, this funding stream supports DPOs to participate in and influence decision-making processes related to implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals   to ensure development efforts include all persons with disabilities.

Priority Areas

  • Increasing DPO Participation in Decision-Making Processes Regarding the CRPD at State or Local Levels
  • Increasing DPO Participation in Decision-Making Processes Related to Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Addressing Implementation of CRPD Articles
  • Addressing Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

Funding Information: Small Grants are one-year grants ranging between USD 5,000-20,000.

Eligibility Criteria

The following types of organizations may submit applications for projects of one-year duration:

  • Legally registered non-governmental DPOs (or groups of PWDs) acting under the fiscal sponsorship thereof)
  • Partnerships among DPOs

Partnerships between DPOs and other civil society organizations (when a DPO is the managing partner)



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