ActionAid Denmark invites development practitioners from select countries to register as Inspirators

ActionAid initiated Inspirators are the cross national placements of development practitioners between 3 to 9 months.

Inspirators are development practitioners with considerable hands on experiences from developing or newly industrialised countries. Inspirators are typically placed with one of our local partner organisations for a shorter period of time to provide capacity building input for concrete activities. Inspirators are volunteers driven by solidarity and commitment to development issues and an interest to gain knowledge and international work experience.

How the Inspirators system works

Inspirators are selected from a database called the Inspirator Roster. The Inspirator Roster consists of screened and approved Inspirator candidates. Approved Inspirator candidates will be placed when and if their qualifications match an approved job description. Furthermore, the receiving organisation must approve the Inspirator candidate. It is the need alone of organisations that ActionAid cooperates with, which decides when and where an Inspirator can be placed. Interested candidates can apply online at theActionAid website. All applicants who register, will go through a validation process in order to be listed in the Inspirator Roster. It is important to point out that enrolment in the Roster does not guarantee placement. Approved candidates are listed as active for a period of 1 year. After this candidates receive an email asking whether they wish to be active in the Roster the following year.

Who can apply?

Currently, ActionAid Denmark only accepts applications from candidates residing within the following countries:

Residents in other countries than listed above, will not be accepted for the Roster


ActionAid is looking for dedicated development practitioners, who have:

  • At least 5 years of paid or voluntary work experience
  • At least 3 years of paid or voluntary work experience within a specific and relevant subject area
  • Paid or voluntary work experience from developing or newly industrialised countries
  • Voluntary work experience
  • Strong sense of solidarity and volunteerism
  • Facilitation and motivational skills
  • Ability to transfer knowledge
  • Personal drive and motivation to become an Inspirator

Other Provisions

  • Inspirators are volunteers and will therefore not receive a formal salary. Inspirators will however have their expenses covered while abroad. An Inspirator can thus expect to receive the following:
  • A return ticket from their home country to the country of service
  • A lump sum to cover expenses related to expatriating
  • A daily living allowance to cover modest living costs and private transportation in the country of service
  • A “Home Country Subsidy” to partly compensate for some of the expenditures in the home country
  • Free modest accommodation
  • A relocation allowance to allow the Inspirator to purchase basic furniture and kitchen utensils.
  • Insurance coverage
  • Inspirators should be aware that all allowances and subsidies are subjected to local tax.
  • All inspirators accepted for posting are required to participate in an online introduction course to ActionAid International and to the role of an Inspirator prior to the commencement of their placement  or arrival in the country of service.

For more information and details, you can visit this link.


  1. Amarjyoti Mishra says:

    I am a social worker. Since 2007 I am working for Financial Upliftment of Poors. I am also Facilitate to person for enterprise development. But due to lacking of more experience & support I am facing problem during tenure of works. So I am interested to gather more experence/support for enterprise development for economically sustainable development of poors. Can you help me, if yes, plz. contact me in above e.mail

  2. I volunteer for 9 years in life skills and ICT/End user computing.
    I am also willing to spread my wings to other parts of the world sharing my skills voluntarilly because I’ve a passion that’s God will.

  3. Hi, im a volunteer in a CBO based in Trans-Nzoia county and have also worked and volunteered in other institutions within the last 4 years. im inerested in the inspirator programme as i know will learn more especially on how to give more support to the Community.Regards

  4. Abigaba Vincent says:

    I am Vincent Abigaba, working with Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. I work as a Human Resource & Administrative Officer, College of Education and External Studies.

    I am interested in working as an inspirator anywhere in the world. In case of an opportunity availability, please let me know and facilitate me to take on this opportunity.

    Kind regards,


  5. angeline jack says:

    I am a mentor who works looking after OVCs .My work entails counselling,mentoring,offering psychosocialm support for the child headed OVCs.I am interested in the volunteer post as I would like to gain more and more experience that can at the end of the day enable me to help and deal effectivelty with the people that I deal with on a daily basis.Thank you


    I have worked in wold vision Kenya for 2 years from then i registered an international organization COAST CARE ORGANIZATION, KENYA, In coast province Mombasa where we are taking care of orphans vulnerable children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. We have started an income generating activities chicken poultry for the gurdians taking care of the orphans in Kwale community where we are expecting keep 2000 chicken. Already we have 2 shades we want put up 8 more shades.

  7. carolyne Jerono says:

    iam a social worker with over five years of experience in paid and volunteer work. am an initiator and most of my working time i like working closely with the communities to explore what they have in their locality to their best. congratulations ACTIONAID DENMARK for the work you are doing all over Kenya. I will be happy to work with you as an inspirator anywhere in the world.
    thank you.

  8. Mugabane Moses says:

    Iam a biological scientist who has worked in rural communities for almost 10 years now. I’ve worked with Busoga trust a charity that has specialized in provision of safe clean water and promotion of good hygiene practices to the rural poor of Uganda. I,ve been personally engaged in testing water, operation and maintenance of sources and managing one of the branches in Uganda. With this vast experience i feel i can comfortably share it out once considered as a an aspirator.



    Iam a social worker and program officer for buseta reflect development organization in pallisa district,a brain child of reflect and STAR approches. I have voluntered for the last 13 years, supporting women groups, children and others in understandig their problems,develop practical solutions.
    My skills in Reflect and Star participatory approaches coupled with that vast experiences can help other communities to learn and change their life and social economy.
    Iam just a resource and contributor but not a survivor.
    I can change the world if you wish.
    Thank you.

  10. life mahute says:

    i greatly appreciate all the efforts done to uplift the disadvantaged people and as a result i request to be an aspirator with the aim of catering for the underprivledged children who can not afford to go to school and let them acces the basic education

  11. David Mutua says:

    This is the most wonderful opportunity to bring change to the society i hope to make it through.

  12. Engr.Fawad memon says:

    dear sir,
    i am civil engineer and working as consultant for development sector from construction side,,its my observation that to provide basic need of human is shelter,if action aid or any INGO can provide shelters i will give you more best direction and as well as data where most needy people are available in our country Pakistan especially in sindh province where recent massive rains destroyed all shelters.

    best regards
    Engr. fawad memon
    sindh pakistan

  13. shah zaman kakar says:

    Integrated development for empowerment and Assistance Pakistan IDEA pk for humanitarian assistance was registers societies registration act 1860 under societies registration authority govt of Baluchistan. IDEA pk working for quality education, Environment, poverty eradication, health, and natural resources management. IDEA pk needs to increase the income of poor community of Pakistan.

  14. Iam glad that i can be part of the team because am working as a programs officer and have qualification of counselor and project management

  15. Hi i am yasmin from pakistan, i am working for gender equality and i want to send my counterparts to avail this opportnity for their capacity building, how can i pursue further

  16. Rahab Kirimi says:

    I am a coordinator of sustainable development in Meru,Kenya and would love to be part of this. Bravo to the great inspiration of ActionAid Denmark

  17. samuel mundia says:

    this is another opportunity to exploit our potential in serving our almighty in a different environment.
    i would love to participate in this process since i have done this work for more than 3yrs.
    i will apply
    thank you

  18. I would be happy to join this team. I have over ten years experience in development work in several countries in Africa and would be very happy to be part of this as part of my contribution. Let me know how I can avail further information.



  19. Angelus Runji says:

    It is so inspiring to hear about the inspirational posts. I am an Activist working in a District Network. I possess bachelor degree in Laws with Diploma in Teaching, Business Management and Psychology. I prefer indeed to be an Inspirator. I look for your consideration. Best regard!

  20. willie ngambela says:

    This is interesting. i would be very happy to be part of the aspirators. I have gained more than 10 years of experience in community work working with the rural women, disadvantaged children in the area of education and those children living with the hiv/aids. I have a diploma in education, BA in development studies and MA in Gender Studies.

  21. willie ngambela says:

    This is quite encouraging. I wish to be part of the team of aspirators. I have more than 10 years experience in community development work especially in the rural areas. i have worked with various groups of women, children and the youths. I hold diploma in teaching, BA in development studies and MA in Gender studies.

  22. BENJAMIN LAGAT says:

    I am taking the liberty and opportunity of introducing my self to you while exploring the possibility of being considered as one of the Inspirators in your esteemed organisation. I am a development and a social community motivator at the community and at institutions of higher learning in Kenya. I have done this for over 10 years.
    thank you

  23. SHAFQAT AMIN says:


  24. SHAFQAT AMIN says:

    I wish to work as aspirator. I have experience and worked as social welfare officer in government sector and get involved in many ngo projects. i request for opperunity in this program.

    Shafqat Amin from Pakistan


    i am the chairman Rwenzori region volunteers net work an NGO based in Uganda
    We are looking for partners all over the world if there is an opportunity involve us.

  26. Joseph wanguhu says:

    am an agriculturalist by profession with over 15 years experience in agricultural extension, marketing, group organization and development.This will be an exciting opportunity for me especially for those who need agribusiness.


  27. DANIEL OGOLLA says:

    I am working as a community development worker based on Banking on change project or community savings mobilization in Ndhiwa District Kenya. Currently partnership with Care International,Plan and Barclays in this project. I appreciate the work Action aid is doing in Kenya and i request to be an aspirator. I have three years working experience as a community worker as a volunteer


    Please consider me for the opportunity. I am a qualified community mobilizer with exclusive talents in domesticating policy issues into actual practical implementable projects. I have done this in the USA, Kenya, Papua New Guinea in the field of food security and community development.
    Iam currently facilitating the revival and rehabilitation of cotton crop in Kenya, which for many years have been moribund.

  29. Prof M Zahoor-ul-hassan Dogar says:

    Happy to hear this news. I am interested in Social working since long time. I am working with many NGOs and Govt Organisation for more than 25 years up till now. These are International NGOs like World Red Crescent Societies Pakistan Chapter and some National organisations like University of Sargodha and Sargodha Medical College Sargodha Pakistan etc. I will apply for the post of Aspirator and wish to work anywhere especially in Asian & European countries.

  30. Eunice Amira says:

    I am a management development consultant with 2 MBAs in management Finance and marketing. Special emphasis on entrepreneurship development, banking, research and training, advocacy, gender and development. I have over 15 years experience in 17 countries in Africa, 4 in USA and 3 in Europe.
    I am Kenyan and would like to be considered.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  31. Irshadullah Rashdi says:

    I have 10 years working experience with Development sector also have worked with actionaid Pakistan. So I with to apply

  32. Hi im from India and interested knowing more about this project…

  33. Robert Wanyonyi says:

    Am a journalist working in Kenya and am eager to be recruited as an aspirator.I have five years experience and i have applied.

  34. Ever Gwanzura says:

    This is a very good opportunity to have this. I have 16 years doing community development work in Zimbabwe. And have 16 years experiences working with NGOs and also in social work so I wish to apply.

    More thanks

  35. David kimwele says:

    Iam a community social development officer and an agricultural officer.
    Appreciate the work action aid is doing.Am from kenya and request to be an aspirator

  36. Bizimungu Emmanuel says:

    This is an exciting opportunity although it would have been good if it included these fresh graduates who are asked work experience whenever they are to apply for a job that demands many years of experience. I have three years experience so I will apply.


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