The Jindal Prize

The Sitaram Jindal Foundation is inviting nomination for the Jindal Prize in India. The Jindal prize is awarded to individuals and organizations for their outstanding contribution for the welfare of people in the country. The purpose of this prize is inspired and supports people or organizations those engage in the service of community promoting peace, harmony and moral values. This year the prize will be given in the five categories such as  The Jindal Prize for Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, The Jindal Prize for Health – including drugless healing, the Jindal Prize for Education – with emphasis on moral upliftment, the Jindal Prize for Science, Technology and Environment  and the Jindal Prize for Peace, Social Harmony & Development.

Sixth prize of Rs.1 crore can also be given as follows if the Jury agree:

Any nomination received in usual course and screened as per normal procedure through all channels may be subsequent by the Founder himself after getting clearance from the Foundation in respect of availability of additional funds. The Jury may approve or reject or defer it for the next year as per their sole discretion.

Nominations Process:

The Jindal Prizes Secretariat shall invite nominations annually to be considered for award of the Prizes. Only the work or contribution nominated in writing by a nominator will be eligible for consideration. A Self-nomination shall not be taken as a valid entry.

Any reputed person can propose any individual or organization except themselves. A person shall be entitled to make only one proposal in any given year.


Any individual or organization, having contributed towards welfare of Indian people shall be eligible for nomination those contributions is of exceptional nature and achievements made are transparent and open for public scrutiny He/she/they are not doing the activity for any commercial purpose or for profit motive.

The nominee is not an employee, family member or close relative of the Jindal group / its sister concerns / the Foundation / the Secretariat or any other persons associated with the prize scheme.

A foreign national who has contributed in India towards the welfare of Indian citizens shall also be eligible for nomination

Deadline: 30 June, 2011

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  1. deepranjan kumar says:

    dear sir,
    firstly i would like to thanks for your steps in our loose society.
    sir i m deepranjan kr & my frend sonu, we r belong to bihar.
    sir we want to keep our society in light with lightly, we want to change our society, we want to end of castism, we want that our society come in equal line…
    we want to be like as sun to give the rays to our society in a new way.
    but due to economy position we r late to help them..
    sir but we will change our society, why not we will late some time but we will do.
    sir we want to participate.

  2. Karishma says:

    Someone who acted as a watchdog for Society and the State. Someone who was geared to put probity and character in the highest bracket. Someone who had no one to follow him or support him to take cudgles against mighty bureaucracy in exposing Corruption in Media. A single handed, backroom operation by a dedicated Officer, who himself went through tribulations, humiliations, harassments and even stalling of his promotion and yet pursued a concerted campaign to expose Corruption in Prasar Bharati in Media.

    He started writing on Website, local innocuous tabloids which ran into millions of words. It made MPs raise questions in Parliament. It forced the Government to take action and unearth High Financial Irregularities and Corruption in CWG 2010. His writings brought in awareness and it put him in a delicate position but he helped exposed B S Lalli and his entire team in Corruption which has equally been noted by Central Vigilance Commission and Shunglu Committee.

    He is Mr. Vinod Kapoor, a former DDG – Doordarshan. His guts, dogmatic pursuit and committment placed him in the firing range but he was never scared or cowed out. Such passion needs to be encouraged and supported for a transparent society, we all yearn for.

  3. Dear

    I know well one of my friends, Mr.George Kennedy is doing outstanding works in these thematic areas at Tamilnadu, India. May i on behalf of him can forward a nomination please.


  4. Dear

    Fine, one of friends Mr.George Kennedy from Mother Teresa Educational and Charitable Trust, Tamilnadu doing excellent works for the above thematic areas. i do on behalf of him submit nomination soon.

  5. sir/maa’m.
    sub:-drug less healing..
    An organisation related to improving health is running in a small city of INDIA i.e BIKANER city in RAJASTHAN. Name of that center is HEALING THERAPY CENTER . near about 2 years are passed and this system was started at very low level but now it being increasing day by day. many poor people came there for treatment and are very happy and satisfied .Even the most importent thing is that, that center is under the hand of a women. Her name is SANDHYA. she is doing really well job. if you and your community think or can help that , so please do. She and her center really need your support to blow this healing movement in every village of INDIA. this center is totally related to physically and mentally peace.many diseases like blood pressure, sugar , heart related and many more problems had been cured and process is on. even many old age people come there and there wording for that center is ( yeh to mandir jaisa hai, shant or pavitra). She gives time to them ,talk to them , give them mental peace , provide therapy for
    there body which ultimately results for a good and healthy life to them.. around 1200 people visited there and if u bless them may be she goes to 1200 or more villages for treatment of mind ,body and soul.

    vishal( engineering student ,jaipur)

  6. Mr.Mariadasu says:

    Greetings to you all in the resurrected name of our Lord Jesus. It give me pleasure to be able to make a contact with you now.
    Development Association For Rural Integration is a voluntary organization established by young and experienced social workers that are anxious and devoted their time for the cause of the less privileged and disadvantaged people for uplifting them in socio-economical aspects.
    It has been rendering human services while mingling with the poor and needy people around 5 mandalas of Guntur District, Ap, India. Woman empowerment, prompting solidarity among the youth, protecting children rights and rescuing bonded labour and promoting mother and childcare are the main concerns of our organisation.To attain these objectives we have been educating the people and mobilizing common opinion through organizing them for the common cause.
    we felt very glad to having know about the GINDAL FOUNDATION and its esteemed services and generous assistance to the agencies through out the globe.Therefore,We request your magnanimity sir;benevolence send your application and guideline so that we can place an application with concrete action plan for your further consideration. we look forward for your good interaction and affirmative response and remain in anticipation.

    Yours sincerely


  7. Reddy Rajagopalanaidu says:

    A trust for Bright Education Health & Environment Improvement Mission and Nature Integrity Foundation (ABHIMANI FOUNDATION) is an NGO working the welfare of rural people of Vizianagaram District since 3 years. So far we are taken up Health awareness camps, Eye camps, Blood Donation camps, Sports & Games, National Integrity programmes, Free Oxygen services, Plantation programmes, Stop Polytheen programmes etc and formed Child Eco Friendly Clubs in 4 mandals for eradication of pollution with our friends, relatives and others cooperation.
    pl bless me to do more services to our rural people.


  8. Mangcha Haokip says:

    The Hill People’s Development Council (HPDC) is an NGO working for the welfare of the hilly Tribal people living in the remote areas of Manipur State, India.It was established in the year 1993. But till-to-day we did not get any financial grant from the any donor agency. All the programmes and projects were done by our own sources. The HPDC have facing many hardship trouble due to financial shortest. In Manipur state 98% of the total areas is hilly and remote areas.I am waiting for your good cooperation.
    Mangcha Haokip

  9. Mrs K. Rahaman says:

    Kaikhali Enclave,D-202,
    Mondalgnthi Road,
    PO. NSCBI Airport,
    Kolkata – 700 052.India.

    Sub : Development co-operation

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Ours is a grass-root level registered social welfare organization has been working in different rural areas in five districts including the slum areas of Calcutta municipal corpo-
    ration since 1992 to uplift the poorer section and poverty stricken people of the society.

    Previously, We have undertaken various programs related to education development,mother & child care, income generation for women, environment awareness campaign program,health care and medical assistance, family welfare counseling , scholarship & counseling services to the poor students and needy people , income generation programs for women, etc during the last working years.

    The dedicated youths, teachers, potential social workers , eminent resource persons
    and doctors are associated with the organization and devoting their services to implement the programs of
    the organization. As such, we require your development co-operation to implement various development
    programs and better services to the needy beneficiaries of our project areas in West Bengal . A copy of organizational profile is enclosed herewith for your kind perusal and necessary action .

    Therefore may I would request you to kindly extend your financial support and sympathetic co-operation for implementing sustainable development programs more successfully to serve the poorer section of the people in near future. An early positive response from you for the same will be highly appreciated.

    Thanking you in anticipation,

    Yours sincerely.
    ( Mrs. K. Rahaman
    Hony. Gen. Secretary MILLI MISSION OF BENGAL