EC seeks Grant Proposals for Pastoral and Agropastoral Livelihood Support Activities in Kenya

The European Commission (EC), through the Ministry of State for Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands, has issued a restricted call seeking concept notes at first stage for Pastoral and Agropastoral Livelihood Support Activities in Arid and Semi-arid Lands (ASAL) areas with financial assistance from the Kenya Rural Development Program (KRDP). EC, with this call for proposals, aims for increased capacity of ASAL communities to respond effectively to drought & other vulnerabilities.

Global Objective of this Call for Proposals

To promote sustainable livelihood diversification in ASAL areas. Actions to be funded will operate within a Program framework and will therefore have to integrate with other actions funded through KRDP at national and local (ASAL) levels. In this sense proposals will have to clearly elicit their collaborating mechanisms with local institutions and show coherence with on going actions in the proposed areas of intervention.

Specific Objectives of this Call for Proposals

–        Strengthen drought preparedness mechanisms and related risk-minimizing strategies.

–        Promote and develop ASAL based value chains.

Priority Areas

This Call for Proposals will target 23 counties defined as ASAL areas. However, given geographical coverage and the different features of the areas, this call will be divided into two separate lots. It is expected that actions under both lots will strengthen capacity of rural communities in arid areas of Kenya to mitigate the impact and/or recover from recurrent droughts. For maximizing their impact, actions will have to complement and/or integrate with on going GoK Programs. Priority will be however given to proposals presenting innovative approaches and based on a thorough stakeholder and value chain analysis.

Proposals may address one or more of the types of action listed below. The list however is indicative and other actions could be considered where appropriate.

–    Lot 1 – Arid areas

-> Drought preparedness

-> Animal health

-> Livestock Marketing

->  Value chains development (livestock related products)

->  Fodder development

->  Water conservation and harvesting

->  Support to communities for Contingency Plans preparation

->  Conflict resolution and access to resources


–    Lot 2 –          Semi-arid areas

->  Value chains Development (orphan crops and/or fodder) including seeds production

->  Storage

->  Support to marketing

->  Water conservation and harvesting

->  Support to communities for Contingency Plans preparation


Available Funding

The overall indicative amount made available under this Call for Proposals is EUR 9,000,000.

Indicative allocation of funds by lot:

–        Lot 1: EUR 6,000,000;

–        Lot 2: EUR 3,000,000


This is a restricted Call for Proposals. In the first instance, only Concept Notes must be submitted for evaluation. Thereafter, applicants whose Concept Notes have been pre-selected will be invited to submit a Full Application Form. Further to the evaluation of the Full Applications, an eligibility check will be performed for those which are provisionally selected.

Last date for submitting the concept notes is January 31, 2012.

For more information, visit this link.

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  1. We are the organization called Community Center for Peace and Development. this is community/Pastoralist organization dealing with Peace building ,Poverty eradication, health care & education among the pastoralism in Kenya/ north rift.

    we are kindly requesting the grants to fulfill our goals

    Thank you

    Maryan ntausian

    CCPD Kenya

  2. RUTH NJOKI says:

    We are a local NGO working in Eastern province part of Kenya. We have 42 farmer group with an average membership of 25.We intent to increase the number of groups to 80 in the next two years.We wish to write a proposal entitled improving the incomes of farmers/livestock keepers in arid and semi arid areas through hive products and marketing. We work closely with Government staff. This action will be intended to reduce the negative impacts of climate change while increasing farm incomes for 2000 direct beneficiaries (farm families)

  3. mararo j maina says:

    Our organisation is Mugunda Fighters O f AIDS (MUFOA,it was established in the year 2000 to care for HIV infected persons and mitigation of socio-economic impact of HIV and improvement of quality of life of the same people.
    Currently we are connecting their homes with cleaned piped water through mutitu water and sanitation company.The CBO is in Kieni West District which is a semi arid area.The cbo is registered with the ministry of gender,and social development. It has a record of 1500 HIV+ people and more than 1800 OVCs.Through the well wishers,donors and the Archdiocese of Nyeri we are able to provide these people with food,drugs,educate the OVCs and start income generating activities like dairy goat rearing,poultry keeping,kitchen garden irrigation,enviroment conservation through trees planting.
    Thank you for your concern to the hard hit areas.
    Are we elligible


    We come from western part of kenya,Eldoret north constituency.last year, we registered an CBO by the name,ELDORET WEST SPORTS FOR PEACE/ENVIRONMENT.We deals with promoting good health,Peace building enviromental conservation, HIV/AIDS campain,Income generating activites e.g Poultry farming,farming,livestoct farming,education, through sports as a mobilizing factor are we elligible to apply.

  5. mary sarehe says:

    i come from eastern part of kenya,laisamis constituency.last year, we registered an NGO by the name, SIPAD[SUSTAINABLE INITIATIVE FOR PASTORALIST DEVELOPMENT).it deals with health,enviroment and education.are we elligible to apply.