KCDF Call for Grants Applications: Youth to Youth Entrepreneurship Fund

This is the call for grants applications from interested applicants to apply for the Youth to Youth Entrepreneurship Fund.

The Kenya Community Development Foundation has issued this “competitive grant scheme for youth-led organizations proposing innovative project ideas on how to contribute to increasing entrepreneurship and employment amongst their peers. This competition is open to all youth-led organizations in Kenya. Grants will be awarded to the most innovative proposals chosen by The Grant Approval Panel.

The main objective of the Youth To Youth Entrepreneurship Fund is to enable youth-led organizations and/or youth managed NGOs, cooperatives, social enterprises and associations to actively participate in the promotion of youth entrepreneurship in Kenya. Through the grants these organizations will establish innovative projects that support and create youth-led enterprises.

Deadline: 27 August 2010

More information at this link.

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  1. samuel mose says:

    P.O BOX 18544 –
    00500, NAIROBI KENYA
    Mobile: 0720955097/ 0720243229
    E-mail. [email protected]

    Dear sir/ madam,


    We are the community based
    organization based in Mukuru slums that is working for the betterment of the
    lives of those that are staying in the slums of Nairobi Kenya.

    Our core values of the CBO are;

    Health 5.
    Wash (water, sanitation and health)

    2. People with
    disability 6. Women and youth empowerment

    3. Child protection 7.

    Hiv/aids 8.

    We could kike to partner with your
    good office so that we can serve our people better. The CBO is having an office
    in their community center that is within the slums that shows that we know the
    problems that are in the community. We were affected by poverty ourselves that
    is why we have stood up to fight it at the ground.

    Most of the people from the slum
    are having a problem of fearing the name bank that is why they do not take
    loans. And also they ask a lot of sureties so that they can issue the loans.

    In HIV/AIDs and the child
    protection we would like to have a VCT and a child protection office within the
    slums that is running throughout the year. This is to care for the affected and
    the orphans whom are staying in the slums.

    Thank you.

    Yours faithfully.

    Samuel Morara Mose.

    CBO Secretary / Project Officer.

  2. Subrat Kumar Rath says:

    We are running a organization we are from india working for youth empowerment so we need help

  3. I wish this information could have come a little earlier. There area lot of youth in need of this assistance. Is there another window in the near future?

  4. Thank for giving me this opportunity ….

  5. Kris Kakyo says:

    Are you aware of any similar opportunities for orphaned Ugandan children?

  6. mohammed Abdalla says:

    Thanx, but the notice is too short.

  7. Thank you for publishing the information to us.