Youth-to-Youth Replication Fund 2013

Deadline- 10 May 2013

All interested organizations are invited for Youth-to-Youth Replication Fund which led organizations to initiate and implement innovative projects which create entrepreneurship and business opportunities for youth. The objective of this program is to enables African youth to turn their  energy and ideas into business opportunities to increase their incomes and create decent work for themselves and others. The five components aim to

  • Foster a culture of entrepreneurship among young people
  • Introduce entrepreneurship education in school
  • Ensure that potential and existing young entrepreneurs have access to business development services and finance
  • Provide opportunities for youth to actively engage in employment generating projects through the Youth-to-Youth Fund
  • Promote evidence based advocacy to better understand what works in youth entrepreneurship development

Eligibility & Criteria-

  • Eligible applicants are officially registered, non-governmental, non-partisan, not-for-profit, youth-led organizations in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.
  • The manager of the proposed project must be a young person between the ages of 18 and 30. He/she should be the one submitting
  • the proposal, and will be considered the Youth Entrepreneurship Facility’s key counterpart in the applicant organization. He/she is the representative of the organization to be attending the training provided by the Fund as part of the application process.

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  1. Musa s jarju says:

    any fund for Gambia NGOs and youths organization?

  2. Kandawire Tonganai says:

    Education and Talent Empowerement Trust was formed to groom young men talents from grass roots level by building schools of talents

  3. Ghulam Nabi says:

    Dear Sir,
    You have selected a most important subject to work upon in conflict hit areas.Unfortunately in Pakistan we started an NGO to work for the welfare of orphans and widows having an exclusive team of young professional doctors and some other specialists .
    You will be astonished to know that inspite of our best experienced team and most genuine proposals non of international donors like Care International , UNDP ,World vision and others did not accommodate us and they are funding to older NGOs having no specialists or youth and as usual working on old lines of funding.
    This is quite sad and international donors must draw a fixed line ratio for encouraging encouraging youth. The mere objection that the NGO must be registered more than five years ago makes no sense. I do not insist that these youth NGOs should be granted huge funds but depriving them from entering into humanitarian services is surely an evil which surely need immediate attention.
    As a result of such discrimination the youth discontinued their activities for lack of fund and now jobless.