Interreg BalkanMed Programme: Promoting Cooperation in Participating Countries!

Deadline: 15 April 2016

Interreg is inviting applicants to submit their project proposals for Balkan-Mediterranean program which is co-financed by European Union and National Funds of the participating countries.

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The BalkanMed program a new transnational cooperation programme (hereinafter BalkanMed Programme or BMP), deriving from both, the split of the ‘South East 2007–2013’ and the strong will of the ‘Balkan‐Mediterranean’ participating countries to promote cooperation in the area.

 The Programme brings together five countries, three EU member states (Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece) and two candidate countries, Albania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.


  • to build on shared territorial assets
  • promote integrated territorial development and cooperation for a more competitive and sustainable Balkan – Mediterranean area.

Priorities and their Specific Objectives

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  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
    • Competitive territories: stimulating business performance and extroversion through transnational linkages, clusters and networks
    • Innovative territories: unleashing territorial potential to improve the transnational innovation capacity    of the business sector
    • Territories of knowledge: entrepreneurial learning and knowledge transfer for more competitive SMEs
  • Environment
    • Biodiversity: promoting ecological connectivity and transnational ecosystems’ integration
    • Sustainable territories: fostering transnational cooperation for resource efficiency and climate change resilience
    • Delivery on environmental legal framework: improving transnational governance capacities

Project Selection Criteria

The selection process consists of three different phases:

  • Administrative Criteria: Projects will be checked for their administrative compliance, in order to confirm that a proposal has arrived within the set deadline and that the Application Form is complete and conforms to the requirements.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Projects will be checked for their compliance with the eligibility criteria, in order to confirm that the minimum requirements are met. These criteria examine whether the proposal fulfills the minimum requirements on e.g. the structure of the transnational partnership, the general compatibility with the Programme objectives and principles, the funds requested etc.
  • Quality Assessment: It is an in‐depth assessment of the project. Only projects that demonstrate administrative compliance and satisfy the eligibility criteria will be subjected to quality assessment. Quality criteria are supplementary grouped into two categories:
    1. Quality of the content
    2. Quality of the implementation potential.

How to Apply

Interested applicants can download the application form through the address given on the website

For more information, please visit Interreg BalkanMed Programme.

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