Request for Proposals: Support to UN Women Community Integrated Program in South Sudan

Deadline: 29 February 2016

UN Women is seeking proposals from qualified proposers for its Community Integrated Program in South Sudan to empower women and men, girls and boys at the community level through an integrated programme delivery approach while also engaging the community.

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The model uses an integrated approach to address gender issues affecting at the community level and is considered as an innovative approach towards advancing gender equality and women empowerment in South Sudan through effective programme delivery at the community level.

It also recognizes the interdependence and complementarily of all UNWOMEN programmes elements from governance and leadership to women economic empowerment and peace and security.


  • The model is people centered since it meets their needs and reflects their values delivery; and engages the direct beneficiary in the programme.
  • Increased accountability and transparency in programme delivery.
  • Promote linkages between various programme modalities to meet the various needs of men and women, boys and girls.
  • Community engagement in the identification of local priorities, interventions, and strategies.
  • Placement of programme delivery within the broader system of community, identifying and using community-based strategies to address broad determinants of gender equality and women empowerment issues to achieve programme outcomes.
  • Emphasis on the identification and use of gender disaggregated evidence for effective programme delivery

Priority Areas

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  • Promoting community peace building and conflict resolution Initiative
  • Promotion of women economic livelihoods and building resilience
  • Preventing Sexual and Gender Based Violence (GBV)

Evaluation Criteria

A two stage procedure will be utilized in evaluation of the proposals

  • Technical Proposals: is evaluated and examined to determine its responsiveness and compliancy with the requirement specified. The quality of technical proposals will be evaluated on
    • Expertise and Capacity of Proposer
    • Proposed Work Plan and Approach
    • Resource Plan, Key Personnel
  • Financial Proposals: will be opened only for those entities whose technical proposal achieved the minimum technical threshold.

How to Apply

Interested applicants can submit their applications either electronically or by post at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit Supporting Community Integrated Program in South Sudan.

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  1. Avatar Dominic Konyung says

    Am writing from Organization known as COMPASS a national organization mainly operation in Central Equotoria State in area of food security and livelihood gender and economic empowerment, peace, human right, education and health services delivery.

    we have pick interest in this call for proposal and here seeking support to Promote women economic livelihoods and building resilience including the activities to Preventing Sexual and Gender Based Violence (GBV. Please should this request of ours meet your interest let me know. I will be positive to develop the require documents base on time frame considered


    • Hi Dominic Konyung,
      For more information regarding the application procedure, eligibility criteria and more , please visit the link given on the last line of the article.

      Thank you!