The Embassy of Belgium in Uganda seeks Grant Applications for Belgian Development Agency’s Micro Intervention Program 2012

The Belgian development agency (BTC) is an organization working to eliminate poverty in the world. BTC makes use of its resources as well as its expertise to work towards a society that provides present and future generations with sufficient resources to build a sustainable and fair world. BTC supports a large number of cooperation projects in different countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

BTC through the Embassy of Belgium in Uganda is currently inviting funding proposals from community-based initiatives for Micro Intervention Program 2012 in that country.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The request should come from a grassroots organisation, a local authority at LC1 level or an NGO. Private companies/institutions are not eligible
  • The proposal must be a social or cultural activity, not a commercial activity. It must be related to one of the following sectors/themes: basic health, basic education, community empowerment, equal gender opportunities or environment.
  • The requesting organisation must have at least 10 members, not belonging to the same family, registered for at least 2 years and who cannot obtain the funds through other channels (government project, micro-credit, banks, etc).
  • The maximum duration of a project is 12 months.
  • The minimum contribution of the requesting group or authority to the project is 20% of the total value of the project.
  • The maximum amount of the Belgian contribution is 35.000.000 UGX Shillings.
  • Co-financing of a project with other donors is not accepted.8. An organisation or LC1 authority cannot obtain a MIP funding in two consecutive years.
  • Geographical limitations: preference will be given to micro projects in the vicinity of active Belgian Development Cooperation.

Selection Process

The Embassy will assess the request for development relevance and concordance with the criteria. If funds are available and the request is acceptable, it will be forwarded to BTC for study of the technical and financial feasibility, in cooperation with the requesting organisation. If this assessment is also positive, BTC will sign an implementation contract with the group. The selection will be done in April 2012 and only successful applications will be replied.

Last date for submitting the applications is January 31, 2012.

For more information, visit this link.

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    Hope & Faith Micro Enterprise is a born of Hope and Faith Pastors Fellowship Network a registered Non Governmental Organization operating in Uganda. The purpose of Hope and Faith Pastors Fellowship Network is to love and Worship the Lord Jesus Christ and to be God’s workers in fulfilling His Mission.

    It’s upon this background the members deemed it prudent to have a Self Revolving Credit running through our vast members to improve on their livelihood, status and well being.
    Being strategically located in well endowed agricultural region of eastern Uganda with fertile soils and friendly climate where sugarcane & pineapple Growing we started small scale farming with in on church members which has grown steadily and required more support.

    Statement of the Problem
    All our members find it hard to access credit and funding through established financial institutions in the region due to issues of collateral s and Mortgages where they don’t have sufficient security cover for these loans.
    Our rural communities find it hard to travel to cities and major towns where these services are and are not even able to get guarantors in such far places. The need to have our own fund running through our members in an orderly pattern necessitated this cause. So could we send in application for the grant, and where to get it from.


    our organization aims at empowering women through income generating activities but has had slow development because we lack funding.Can we send in our application and resume activities according to our intentions.

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