Call for Proposals: The French Embassy in Zimbabwe

NGOs in Zimbabwe that have been involved in humanitarian work,  are requested to submit their proposals to the French Embassy.  The projects submitted by the organizations should be related to good governance, protection of human rights and vulnerable populations. Projects concerned with providing better access to health are also welcome.

The budget for the project should not exceed 40.000 US$. Only those proposals that have a good quality and adhere to the suggested thematic areas will be reviewed. Moreover, in order to select a proposal, the capacity and ability of the organization to implement the project will also be taken into consideration. A thorough assessment of the needs and project methodology will be conducted, before accepting any proposal. The projects proposed should be innovative and beneficial. In addition, all the stakeholders should coordinate in the designing and implementation of the project.

The last date for submitting the application is October 31, 2011. For more information, visit this link.

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  1. Moses Lottering says:

    Upper room community development Trust is totally involved in Zimbabwe to assist the general community in Zimbabwe to establish community development partnership programs to ease and to assist them economically. We would like to send a comprehensive proposal or to set up meeting to discuss our proposal that will benefit the Zimbabwe community in the effected areas at your earliest convinience.


    Pastor. Moses Lottering

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