Listing out the Activities in the Concept Note Proposal

3.5 How will the changes described above be achieved?

This question specifically seeks information about the project activities. Since the activities should be closely linked to the results mentioned above, the question has been framed this way.

Look back at the results you have listed out and note down the activities that can be performed to achieve them.

For example,

Result #1: Better protection of women’s rights through the effective enforcement of existing laws and policies on gender equality and empowerment of women.


  • “Undertake research studies on the exising laws and policies on gender equality and their effectiveness.
  • Organize training workshops for government officers including the policymakers, the police, judiciary and other departments responsible for the implementation of these policies like the Women’s Welfare Department.”

Similarly, if you take Result #3: Improved access to and availability of healthcare and education services for women including the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS and vocational trainings to generate livelihood.


  • “Organizing health awareness campaigns for women and mobilize them to access healthcare services from government health centers and education from literacy centers
  • Provide trainings to healthcare staff members and teachers to improve their capacity in delivering health and education services to women.
  • Establishing HIV and AIDS counseling centers at government health centers or outreach areas supported by lady health doctors or female counsellors
  • Organize livelihood trainings for women and linking them up with micro-businesses and markets for long-term sustainability”