Paul Hamlyn Foundation Grants to India: NGOs working in fields of Disability, Poverty, Health and more can Apply!

Deadline: Ongoing

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is an UK-based grant making organization supporting overseas NGOs, especially in India and the UK, and provides funding to local NGOs working with disadvantaged communities, helping them access basic services. Grants are generally given to NGOs who find difficult to raise funds from other sources. This Fund seeks to meet our strategic aim to enable vulnerable communities living in priority geographical areas to improve their lives.

The foundation strengthens organisations working with disadvantaged young people, and to support better integration of young people who migrate. With the mission “to improve the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in India”, the Foundation gives grants of about 40 million rupees a year to local NGOs working in focused areas supporting atleast 20 organisations across India.

Areas of Interest

Among vulnerable communities, the following as a non exclusive, indicative list of special interest groups that we will work with in both rural and urban areas:

  1. Ultra poor families in mixed communities
  2. Dalit communities, particularly those involved with inhuman occupations
  3. Tribal communities fighting for or dispossessed of their land and resources
  4. Women
  5. Disabled people, particularly children
  6. Communities with little or no access to health services
  7. Communities with little or no access to education
  8. Unorganised labour

Focus Country: India

Priority Regions

  • The states covered will be Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal and Assam.
  • In addition to these states certain culturally identifiable regions such as Vidharbha, (Maharashtra), Dangs (Gujarat), Telangana (Andhra Pradesh), Bundelkhand (Uttar Pradesh), and and Mewar and Hadoti (Rajasthan), which are worse off than other parts in those states, will be given priority.

Size & duration of grant

  • There is no minimum or maximum grant size. The amount you request should be the amount you need.
  • The costs can include running costs such as staff salaries and overheads such as stationary, rent, rates, utilities.
  • The foundation accepts proposal for up to three years.

Who can Apply

  • Organisations supported within the India programme have to be local Indian NGOs with Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) registration.
  • Non-Indian organisations or locally registered branches of non-Indian organizations and organisations without FCRA registration will not be supported.
  • NGO initiatives that support development of community leadership and a better understanding of community concerns and their management are also supported.
  • Political or religious institutions will not be supported.
  • Other Exclusions
    • Individuals or proposals for the benefit of one individual
    • Retrospective funding for work that has already started
    • General circulars/appeals
    • Proposals that solely concentrate on the purchasing of property, equipment or other capital items
    • Overseas activities, including travel, expeditions, adventure and residential courses

Application Process

Applications can be made at any time. To apply, fill in the online application form available on the website.

Past Grants in Disability Areas

  • 16,58,500 over 12 months to Aakanksha Lions School for Mentally Handicapped Children in Central Chhattisgrah, India.
  • 6,50,700 over 12 months to Digdarshika, Institute of Rehabilitation and Research to create a model on comprehensive inclusive education of the persons with disabilities in Madhya Pradesh, India.
  • 5,02,700 over 12 months to BD Tatti Memorial Charitable Trust for Pre-Primary Education for Deaf Children in India.
  • 22,50,000 over 24 months to Comprehensive Rural Health Project for Community-Based Mental Health Program in Maharashtra, India.

For more information, please visit Paul Hamlyn Foundation grants to India.