Top US Healthcare Donations in 2013

“Poor health shreds communities, undermines economic opportunity, and holds back progress.”

– Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State

Donor Recipient Gift Amount
David H. Koch NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (New York) $100m
Hall Family Foundation (Hall family) Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics (Kansas City, Mo.) $75m
J. Harold Harrison Medical College of Georgia Foundation (Augusta) $66m
Buerger family Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia $50m
Lyda Hill U. of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston) $50m
Helen F. Banas Alzheimer’s Association, Orange County Chapter (Irvine, Calif.) $27m
Bill Holmes Children’s Hospital of Orange County Foundation (Calif.) $27m
Richard Blackman Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation (Fla.) $25m
Arthur J. and Rebecca Samberg NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital (New York) $25m
Goldsbury Foundation (Christopher and Angela Goldsbury) Children’s Hospital of San Antonio $20m

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