WomenChangeMakers Picks its First Two Fellows from Brazil

The WomenChangeMakers, an initiative of the Smiling Children Foundation, has selected its first two fellows from Brazil, working for women’s progress in the country. These fellows have achieved social and economic transformations for women in their community and in the Brazilian society. A panel of judges selected the winners from a large number of social entrepreneurs recommended by partners such as Ashoka, Avina, the Ford Foundation and UN Women.

WomenChangeMakers and its program partners will now work with two fellows over the next three years to support the scaling up of their organisation, the replication of their model and the increase of their social impact.

About the Fellows

Guacira Cesar de Oliveira, Founder and Executive Director of the Centro Feminista de Estudos y Assessoria (CFEMEA, Brasilia), plays an important role in designing and guaranteeing women’s rights in Brazil. She works to secure social justice by teaching women’s organizations how to monitor public expenditures, ensuring that dedicated resources are used to address women’s priorities. In reinforcing the women’s movement’s dialogue with the public authorities, she strengthens the incidence of feminist policy on public policies and expenditures.

Alice Freitas is the Founder and CEO of Asta (Rio de Janeiro). Asta contributes to social equality and economic development in Brazil by strengthening women’s productive enterprises at the bottom of the pyramid through access to markets, know-how, and the creation of networks. Asta has set up a direct sales force to help 600 informal artisans overcome the challenges of large-scale distribution. By equipping a network of 650-700 well-trained amateur sales’ agents with an intimate understanding of the personal histories and social impact behind the products, Asta provides a direct communication channel between producers and consumers.

How are WomenChangeMakers’ fellows Selected?

WomenChangeMakers’ nominators in each country of operation identify potential fellows and refer them to the WomenChangeMakers. The candidates are then carefully evaluated through a series of interviews and tests to ensure that the selected social entrepreneurs and their projects are relevant to the mission.

How are WomenChangeMakers’ fellows Supported?

WomenChangeMakers helps fellows by providing them with the support they need to see their projects through maturity. The combined effect of financial support, training, consulting and networking will allow visionaries with promising projects to become social entrepreneurs with lasting and sustainable projects.

–                           Salary

WomenChangeMakers pays out a salary to its fellows to allow them to concentrate on their projects on a full time basis.

–                           Training

WomenChangeMakers supports fellows by providing them the training required to enhance their skills and become more successful.

–                           Consulting

WomenChangeMakers arranges consulting services for fellows to review their business practices and to get key advice for developing their social ventures.

–                           Networking

WomenChangeMakers’ fellows will be connected with like-minded individuals in their own countries and beyond. They will be able to share ideas, advise each other and gather precious information.