WWF launches new grant program in Turkey

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According to Anatolia news agency, the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) has initiated a new grant program to protect the various endangered animal species like sea turtles and fallow deer from extinction. Animals like the Caspian tiger and Anatolian leopard are already extinct. However, the new program will help conserve the rich biodiversity of Turkey, by protecting the endangered wild animals.

The program, entitled “Turkey’s Life Grant Program” will help NGOs receive grants from WWF-Turkey; this grant will be utilized by the NGOs in Turkey to protect the animal and plant species that would soon become extinct if proper measures are not taken to conserve them.

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Tolga Baştak, WWF-Turkey General Director, said that they have been collecting donations since last year, to launch the program.

Organizations that desire to avail the grant can submit their projects. The last date for the submission of applications is Nov. 18, 2011. The projects, once received, will be evaluated. Along with the grant money, the winners will receive training to implement their projects. The projects will come into action in February 2012.


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