Finland Funding for Climate Change Research in Developing Countries

The Academy of Finland in collaboration with the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs provides funding for problem-oriented and multidisciplinary development research on developing countries. The Academy has issued the April 2012 Call for Applications in the field of climate change.

Academy of Finland research funding is allocated on the basis of peer review to the best researchers and research teams and to the most promising young researchers for carrying out scientifically ambitious projects. Funding for Academy Projects is primarily granted to teams composed of researchers who have already earned their doctorate. In principle, a project to be funded shall serve Finnish research and society or international collaboration.

The projects to be funded within this call are expected to pursue more than one of the following objectives set for the call:

  • To generate knowledge on climate change for developing countries
  • To increase multidisciplinary knowledge and know-how and promote multidisciplinary research environments in developing countries
  • To serve the societal needs of developing countries by producing research knowledge and combining different perspectives
  • To create new research-oriented networks between Finland and developing countries
  • To boost the mobility of researchers and doctoral students between Finland and developing countries
  • To promote collaboration between different actors from Finland and developing countries
  • To produce knowledge with a view to creating innovations to help developing countries adapt to and mitigate climate change.

Applications for research grants will be reviewed in accordance with the Academy’s general review criteria. Applications will also reviewed in terms of their relevance to the themes described above as well as the project’s collaboration and contacts with developing countries and its development-policy relevance. The application shall include a separate description of the impact and the potential applicability of the research results.

The deadline for applications is 25 April, 2012.

For further information, visit the link.

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