Call for applications for the Youth Media Workshop 2012

Call for applications is invited for the Youth Media Workshop 2012 on the topic, “After the Web 2.0 Revolutions: New Media as an Instrument for Change and Democracy?” from 19 to 24 August, Potsdam/Germany.

Youth Media workshop is being organized with young journalists from Europe and from countries in transformation in the Arab world. The major objective of this workshop is to offer aspiring young journalists from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria with an opportunity to engage in an intensive exchange of views and ideas and build networks in dialogue with young journalists from Western and Eastern Europe. Well-known media figures will lead the workshop. New ideas will be developed and open debates initiated.

The following are just some of the questions the workshop will focus on:

  • What does the Web 2.0 revolution mean for politics, the media and society? What can we learn from it?
  • Can the experiences of the Arab Spring be transferred to other situations?
  • Do the ‘network revolutionaries’ still have an influence on society and politics, even after the overthrow of regimes?
  • How do social networks influence developments in politics, culture and society; what can new media achieve as political infrastructure?
  • Could new media help stabilise political transformation processes and promote democratic structures and more participation?
  • What role can both the conventional and new media and their cross-media interaction play in these transformation processes?
  • What similarities and differences are there in the various countries?
  • How can sustainable use be made of social networks?
  • How does the local media, which is so crucial in democratisation processes, function in the various countries; does it even exist?
  •  Mnn m mm How great is the risk that new media could lead not to more freedom but to more control and censorship?

Young journalists between 18 and 26 years old from all over Europe and countries of transformation in the Arab region can apply by submitting a short text in English (three pages max.) on the topic, “The Web Revolution – what influence do Facebook, Twitter etc. have on society, politics and journalism in my country?”

The organizers of the M100 Youth Media Workshop will cover accommodation and board during the workshop. A travel allowance is also offered. The workshop will be held in English.

Deadline: 25 June, 2012

For further information, visit the link.


  1. francis elins says:

    thank you for this opportnity but it makes it better if you do reply to this message please

  2. rafa musmar says:

    why you are restricted age that is strange because it should be chance for people whose active and interested.
    and what about Palestine we are in revolution from more than 30 years

  3. rusulamarsumy says:

    Yes _ the welcome, I hope the transfer of my thoughts and the reality of the Iraqi community

  4. arafat keshta on facebook says:

    I hope to attend to this workshop .

  5. ok i got it

  6. Ogechi Olivia take note of this my dear. If u can make it will be cool

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