Echoing Green’s 2012 Fellowship Program to start accepting applications from excellent Social Entrepreneurs

Echoing Green with the purpose of accelerating social change invests in and supports excellent emerging social entrepreneurs in launching new organizations that deliver bold, high-impact solutions. Through a two-year fellowship program, they help the network of visionaries develop new solutions to society’s most difficult problems. These social entrepreneurs and their organizations work to solve deeply-rooted social, environmental, economic, and political inequities to ensure equal access and to help all individuals reach their potential. To date, Echoing Green has invested nearly $30 million in seed funding to almost 500 social entrepreneurs and their innovative organizations.

Call for Applications

Beginning December 5, 2011, Echoing Green will start accepting applications for the 2012 fellowship program from eligible emerging social entrepreneurs.

Stipend Value and Other Benefits

Fellowship offers a stipend of $60,000 to individual candidates. In case of 2-person partnership, the stipend increases to $90,000. The stipend is given over a period of two years in four equal instalments. Candidates are also offered stipends for health insurance, professional development, technical support, etc., under this program.


  • Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for an Echoing Green Fellowship:
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Applicants must have sufficient English fluency to participate in interviews and Echoing Green events.
  • Organization must be the original idea of the applicant.
  • Organization must be in a start-up phase. To be considered a start-up, the organization may have been in operation for up to two years, and Echoing Green’s financial support should qualify it as significant early funder. Applicants who have only worked on their organization on a part-time basis or have yet to start the organization are generally considered eligible.
  • Organization must be independent and autonomous. Organizations cannot be considered independent or autonomous if they are started under the direction of an existing organization. The applicant must be the primary decision maker for the organization’s development and management. Generally, organizations with fiscal sponsors are still considered autonomous.
  • Partnerships (organizations co-founded and led by two individuals) may apply. Both partners must meet all eligibility requirements and make a full-time commitment of no fewer than 35 hours per week to the development of the organization.
  • Applicants can be citizens of any nationality and their organizations can be based in any country. However applicants based in the US must have legal status to work in the US. If you are authorized to work in the US, but this status is granted to you through your current employer and you are only authorized to work for that employer, you are not eligible to apply for a US-based proposal.
  • The following proposals are not eligible for consideration for an Echoing Green Fellowship:
  • Expansion of an existing organization that is past its start-up phase
  • Research projects
  • Lobbying activities
  • Recipients of prior Echoing Green funding

Other Criteria

  • Applicants will be evaluated on different criteria during the course of the selection process. Main components of these criteria:
  • Applicant is an emerging social entrepreneur
  • Applicant’s plan will result in a sustainable organization
  • Applicant can clearly articulate their vision for social change

Last date for submission of application is January 9, 2012.

For more information, visit this link.

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  1. lakshmanaperumal says:

    respted sir
    details of activites taken up duringthe last threeyers related to familycounseling/empowerment of women:empowermental awareness programme family counseling programme,consumer programme,health programme and other various programme.empowerment

    i want to know your organistion details and also your progammes our ngo samall,we are doing lot of progammes smallamounts kindly do the needful help.

  2. Sandra Smith Froust says:

    I have an idea to help promote the awareness of domestic violence in our homes and workforce within the United States. My goal is to start an online christain retail store and after three years start a storefront in my hometown. This storefront will become the training center for local organizations intakes who are victims. They will learn to become independent as well as business owners themselves by purchasing my ideal storefronts to other cities throughout America. Do I qualify for Echoing Green 2012 Fellowship Program? I live in Louisiana who has the highest death among women and children of domestic violence. Please help me break the cycle and create peace throughout the world.

  3. Zibonele Mkhize says:

    I am an ex-head master of a High school in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal Province. In view of the following experiences namely, Teenage pregnancy, Teaching HIV?AIDS infected and affected, Child headed house holds and poverty. I decided to initiate the registration of the Non Profit Organisation. In 2009 I resigned from my work and coordinated activities that will bring change to the above. Your opportunity will be a spring board to the sustainability and success of the centre and would like to take with me another volunteer for capacity building to your programme. Kindly send me the application forms. Thank you.

    Zibonele Mkhize

  4. Peace Udobang says:

    I have this initiative am presently working on, it is aimed at inculcating sexual consciousness in adolescent girls by teaching them sexuality education, leadership, goal setting, ethical values alongside entrepreneurial and lucrative skills. I have great plans and hope to actively participate at the fellowship. thanks as I await your response.

  5. Millicent Adede says:

    This is a great opportunity and we would like to be involved, please count us in.

  6. Julien LOKOKPE says:

    I’m very happy lo learn about Echoing Green’s Fellowship; I’m togolese et will be happy to participate to your programm of 2012
    I hope the favorable following

  7. Shrijana Sunwar says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. i am working in Bhutan Nuns Foundation as a project manager. Our organization is Non-Profit-Organization,established on March 2009.
    The Bhutan Nuns Foundation is committed to ensuring that Buddhist Nuns and other grassroots women have improved living conditions, quality education and self-reliance, thus enabling women’s successful participation in the socio-economic development.
    One of our major goal is to enhance the role of the nuns beyond their spiritual practices through introduction of Life Skills Education Programme in the nunneries. The purpose is to increase the capacity of the nunneries to engage their nuns as ‘Agents of Social Change’ in
    their respective communities through improved knowledge in health issue, leadership and instructional delivery in their own institutions.
    I am looking forward to participate in upcoming eEchoing Green’s 2012 Fellowship program. Do i qualify for it? Hoping to get positive reply.
    sincerely yours,
    Shrijana Sunwar

  8. Uche Okeke says:

    I am highly inteested in attending this Fellowship Program.

    I have just completed a course on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Socia Change at the University for Peace, center for executive education.

    I have also set up a new non-profit organization raising public awareness and promoting social entrepreneurship, businesses,ideas and providing entrepreneurship and new skills training to Imo state youths-unemployed youths and professionals, for the sake of alleviating poverty.

    If individuals are exposed to ownership concepts, to the possibility of ownership, and to the habits of thoughts that lead to wealth creation, they can be in a position of improving their lives and help their families get out of cycle of poverty.

    I am a Nigerian and currently live in London.


    My name is Funmi a sighted lady married to a visually impaired man. Am the President/founder of women and children with disability initiative, a registered non profit cross-disability organisation set up two years ago to build the confidence of women and children with disability to be leaders with prominent voices that promotes equal right and full participation in the society. We are poised to ensure that children with disability in the rural area have access to good education early in life like their counterparts in the urban centre. Women with disability are trained in vocational skills so that they could be contributors to societal growth instead of a liability. We live in a society where attitude of the people towards persons with disability is nothig to write home about, we also make sure that the right of these people are protected. Some children have been picked up by my organisation and they have find respite in our family and we are living like one big family which we are. These children are all in special school and are in boarding house. We picked them up from school during vacation. we have eight of them with my family, and we do visits other ones in their respective home to counsel the parents.The number would have been more if we have a bigger accommodation. We trust God that as soon as we get funds we will lease a bigger accommodation that will serve as hostel as well as vocational centre/office for these special specie. My organisation is still very young and we could not do much due to lack of funds. I have read through echoing fellowship and am positive my organisation is very qualified for this fellowship. Hoping to hear from you. Thanks .


    I am coordinator of women network for development and human right in my country Chad. and I would like to work n the echoing program green’s 2012 fellowship program to improve my work with women and to strengten women groups of the network. we focus our work in women education for effective participation in development and we advocate also for their right when they face domestic violence . I look forward for your response .I am ready to provide all therequest which are yoursto participate at this fellowship Thank you


  11. Sam C. Wuo says:

    Thanks for opportunity given for persons like me to apply. I have for long been thinking of some form of assistance to develop and establish a program that would contribute substantially to rural agriculture production and training in my country, Liberia to contribute to nation’s food security program. Over the a decade now I have working with a local NGO here in Liberia and I have always felt and believe that such program can work out good especially in rural communities when given the needed time for development and establishment drawing from the strength of sustained community animation and mobilization. With support from Echoing Green’s 2012 Fellowship Program, the program can be developed and established. I wish therefore to apply for participation and asking whether I can?

    Sam C. Wuo

  12. Martin Mwakesi says:

    OneNation Kenya is a conflict resolution,peace building,street rehabilitation and agency management group that uses youthful ideas to solve existing problems. I am founder of the group and i must sat that this is incredible and i would love to participate and share ideas with other like minded individuals whose aim is to change the society.Echoing Greens is what we need to get us social entrepreneurs to the level we need and make an impact in our societies. What is the procedure for application?

  13. Maksud Shaikh says:

    I Want participate in interviews and Echoing Green events.

  14. Miki Kihega says:

    as an individual consultant, on resource mobilisation, fundraising, project designing, planning and management, working on behalf of NGOS/NPOS/CBOS/ACADEMIC INSTITUTION and individuals, here in Tanzania, i would like also to participate in the Green Fellowship,2012. Do i qualify?

  15. AGNES NYABUTI says:

    As an angels of hope organization director and for whom angels of hope is her brain child, I would love to work with Echoing Green’s 2012 Fellowship Program to better slum life and empower PLWHAs in slums of Nairobi and the rural villages in Nyamira.

  16. Francis odhiambo says:

    i have been working as an assistant program me officer in I CHOOSE LIFE- AFRICA under the New Partners initiative as a Structural advisor under economic empowerment program with the most at risk population(sex workers,men having sex with men and truck drivers)for the last one year my main activities were to train entrepreneurship,carrier development,develop business plans for them and support in sessions of gender based violence ,stigma reduction and reduction of alcohol use in the marps community i therefor more than willing to participate in the coming Fellowship for the Excellent Social Entrepreneurship.
    looking forward to your positive response thanks in advance.
    yours sincere