Child Health Foundation Provides Small Grants to Save Infants and Children

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Child Health Foundation was established in 1985 as a non-profit, public charity [501(c)3] to prevent and treat life-threatening communicable diseases of infants and children in the United States and abroad. Foundation’s mission is “to save the greatest number of children’s lives at the lowest possible cost.”

Proposal Detail

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Child Health Foundation wishes to receive proposals from interested health workers, investigators, or community organizations for innovative research or innovative service projects directed at improving the health of infants, children, and pregnant women. Proposals may be submitted by individuals (with organizational support) or groups.

Areas of priority include: development of sustainable biomedical and social technologies; and adaptation and implementation of technologies in local situations that may have widespread applications.

Project Details

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  • Highest priority will be given to projects on malnutrition, enteric diseases (water and sanitation), and respiratory diseases.
  • The projects may address child health issues in a developing country or in the United States. Budgets should not exceed US$5,000.

Scheduled disbursement of funds to successful proposals:

  • US$4,000 at start of project;
  • US$1,000 upon receipt of interim report which includes itemized spent funds.

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  1. Avatar rosemary Hua says

    our organization works on Early Childhood Care and development that begins from conception to 5 years. our goal is to ensure children survive, grow, develop and are protected from abuse and exploitation.
    can we apply for the grant
    we work in Nigeria

  2. Hi,
    Our NGO is base in Nigeria and our initiative is poverty and Hunger Eradication, our NGO has been submitting series of proposals and none was granted till date.
    Please guide us, we are lacking funds to move forward.

  3. dear if you have any opportunity for the end of child labour speculatively when cotton season comes in Pakistan

  4. Hi you can also explore our website for tanzania we need fund for our organization the hope relief and orphans village children. in our village thanks welcome in my country

  5. I work at Rugarama Hospital,which has children’s wing (pediatric ward) and with incubators for the premature unit it is the only one in the western part of Uganda which has such a passion for the children. The children that are abandoned have their own wing where they are taken care of by the hospital under child care and nutrition support program, under this program,the hospital mobilizes mothers from communities and brings them to the facility with malnourished children provides them with feed staffs and the nutritionist provides them with sessions on child nutritional knowledge.
    There is also a provision for abandoned children to be picked by able families or any one who is in need for a child.
    So, are we eligible to apply for this grant!

  6. Avatar Abdul-karim Elgoni says

    We established Elgoni Charitable Organization in 2003 in Sudan and have done a number of project on women and children rights, education health and peace building. Our work was appreciated locally and by our partners and funders. We have more than a hundred volunteers trained by UNDP, UNICEF and other international NGOs. We need to do more.

    We have projects on reducing child girl drop off from primary school and peace building activities that we are awaiting funding. I am a Sudanese South African trying to payback to those who made me who I am.

    Can you assist or advise

    • Avatar Rashmi Kanti says

      Hello Abdul,
      We are not a funding organization, we provide you fundraising guides and inform you on the latest funding opportunities to help your organization apply for the relevant opportunity and secure grants. So, we can’t provide the funding support.
      Your concern for the society is appreciable! Please make use of our vast resources and make your project sustainable.
      Thank you!

  7. Avatar Bharat Bhushan says

    our NGO is involved in microfinance programme like SHG &JLG,kisan clubs,Agriculture-S.R.I / S.C.I, Total sanitation campign,Enviroment Programme-NEAC progg., Health Progg.-Natural pathy..

    Organization achievements- 6 State Awards..