Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the largest philanthropic organizations in history. Emerging out of a highly successful corporate organization (Microsoft), the Foundation works around the world to improve the living condition of the poor by partnering with NGOs, institutions and research centers. Its approach is based upon the 15 guiding principles it has adopted to manage its philanthropy base. Some of these principles include the limited but important role played by philanthropy, the science and technology is critical to improve lives around the world, treating grantees as valued partners and leaving room for growth and change. Based upon the beliefs of the Gates’ family, the principles have helped shaped the policies of giving grants to NGOs. The Foundation provides grants to organizations in areas of global health, poverty & development, education & learning and some special projects limited to certain areas or issues such as emergency disasters. Under global health, it covers diarrhea, HIV/AIDS, malaria, maternal and child health, neglected diseases, nutrition, pneumonia & flu, polio, tobacco, tuberculosis and vaccines. Under poverty & development, it works with partners in agricultural development, financial services for the poor, housing and water, sanitation & hygiene. Under education & learning, it provides grants for early learning, libraries and scholarships.

The three main program areas of the Foundation are ‘Global Development,’ ‘Global Health’ and the ‘United States Program.’ The Global Development Program works to alleviate poverty while the Global Health focuses upon improving the health of the poor and the needy and last program is geographically focused in the US only. The Foundation provides funding support to NGOs around the world. It has made substantial grants to a number of organizations in South and East Asia, China, Africa, Latin America in addition to the US and Europe.

The Foundation does not have an open call for proposals throughout the year. Different programs have different periods during which the proposals are requested from potential grantees. The Foundation solicits proposals only after reviewing letters of inquiry. NGOs are required to submit these letters only when the Foundation announces that one of its programs is accepting inquiries. The Foundation also provides many scholarships and awards to NGOs.

The mailing address of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,
PO Box 23350
Seattle, WA 98102
United States of America