Inter-American Foundation’s Grant Program for Grassroots NGOs in Latin America and the Caribbean

The United States Government’s Inter-American Foundation (IAF) is an independent agency that provides financial support to programs that foster self-help in a sustainable, innovative and participatory manner implemented by NGOs and CBOs in Latin America and the Caribbean. “The IAF primarily funds partnerships among grassroots and nonprofit organizations, businesses and local governments, directed at improving the quality of life of poor people and strengthening participation, accountability and democratic practices.” It primarily works for the purposes to “strengthen the bonds of friendship and understanding among the peoples of this hemisphere; support self-help efforts designed to enlarge the opportunities for individual development; stimulate and assist effective and ever wider participation of the people in the development process; and encourage the establishment and growth of democratic institutions, private and governmental, appropriate to the requirements of the individual sovereign nations of this hemisphere.” IAF responds to problems proposed by organizations and programs are not limited by sector.  However, the proposed projects have to be “innovative solutions to development problems; creative use of the community’s resources; a diverse array of community voices in project development and execution; substantial beneficiary engagement in (a) the identification of the problem addressed, (b) the approach chosen to solve it, (c) the design of the project, and (d) management and evaluation of activities; partnerships with local government, the business community and other civil society organizations; potential for strengthening all participating organizations and their partnerships; feasibility; evidence of eventual sustainability; counterpart contributions from the proponent, the beneficiaries and other sources; the potential to generate learning; measurable results; and evidence of beneficiaries’ enhanced capacity for self-governance.”

Proposals are accepted in the prescribed forms in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French or Haitian Creole.  Grant support proposed should be more than $25,000 but less than $400,000. Proposals are accepted round the year. For more information, visit this link.

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