Knut and Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse

The Knut and Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse is the sixth Foundation and our list with an endowment reported to be worth over $5.3 billion in 2012. The purpose of the Foundation is to promote scientific research, teaching and education beneficial to the Kingdom of Sweden.The Foundation primarily grants funding in natural sciences, technology, and medicine. Projects in other disciplines may receive support on the condition that they are related to research questions of relevance to natural sciences, technology, and medicine.

The Foundation grants funding in the following areas; research projects of high scientific potential and individual support of excellent scientists. The Foundation also initiates strategic projects and scholarship programs.

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The Foundation approves yearly grants totaling SEK 1.3 billion. During the past five years, the Foundation has granted the total of SEK 5.4 billion for various projects, mainly at Swedish universities. Since the establishment of the Foundation more than SEK 16 billon has been granted.

All applications to the Foundation must go through the Universities internal prioritization process. Applications submitted to the Foundation will be exposed to an extensive international peer-review procedure.

Universities and the scientific royal academies can apply for grants in the following areas:

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1. Grants for research projects of high scientific potential

2. Individual support of excellent scientists, Wallenberg Academy Fellows

3. Strategic grants, which are initiated by the Foundation

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4. The Foundation’s scholarship program.

For more information visit this link.


  1. Avatar Ashish K Bardhan says

    Re: Request for joint venture for FOOD SECURITY for the Tribal and backward communities, who are in vulnerable situations.
    Dear Donor,
    We take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as an NGO, whose aim is to fight against hunger and injustice. Since 2002, we are trying to work with the poor and marginalized tribal people of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa of eastern part of India. We are working with local communities to address collectively the people’s movements, hunger, inequity and injustice.
    We are reaching out with the target groups, through SHGs (Self-Help Groups) of which, mostly are poor and marginalized, belong to tribal communities, supporting them in their struggle to access their rights to food, shelter, work, education, healthcare and human security and helping them have their voice in the development decisions affecting their lives and livelihood.
    The people we work with include the dalit and tribal people, other sections of the rural poor, women, children, and minorities. Within these groups, our focus is on people in vulnerable situations such as people living with chronic hunger, ill health, migrant and bonded workers, children out of education, homeless people, trafficked persons, persons with disability, displaced people and refugees, and people affected by natural and human-made disasters.
    As we are working with the Tribal and other backward communities at the Purulia, Balasore and East Singhbhum districts, under the State of West Bengal, Orissa & Jharkhand respectively, that are why, we would like to propose the FOOD SECURITY program for the entire communities of target areas who are in vulnerable situation.

    We look forward to hear from your end.

    Thank you,

    Ashish K Bardhan
    Member Secretary, SPREAD/India