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Nike Foundation invests on adolescent girls. Nike foundation has a movement titled ‘Girl Effect’. The Nike Foundation’s own investments have directly helped more than 500,000 girls around the world to fulfill their potential, providing grants to more than 100 organizations in more than 80 countries over nine years. Projects included Girls in Nigeria can stay in school; girls in India help claim equal rights to inherit and own land; and girls across Rwanda receiving critical health information and mentoring.

Thematic areas: The Girl Effect

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Geographic focus: Global

Eligibility: Women-led or women’s issues focused organizations.

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  1. Avatar Sr. Annunciata Chacha says

    The targeted group of the project includes vulnerable children (girls) who are hardcore street children: These children who are living and sleeping on the streets and don’t have contact with their families. Children who are victims of child labour. When parents die (increasingly because of (AIDS) or abandon their children, many of these children can sleep in the houses of their grandparents. During the day the children roam about in streets to ‘scavenge’ for basic needs (food, school fees, clothes, medical attention) because their grandparents do not have means to support them. Abused children: these are children who have an extremely difficult family life. Examples are: ill-treated, physical and/or sexually abused and uncared children. Victims of sexual exploitation, these are those have been voluntary or forced to engage in sexual activities, where being paid or not including forced child marriages and prostitution. Girls who are run from home because of female genital mutilation in our region this practise is common.

    Thank you in advance

    Sr. Annunciata Chacha

  2. Avatar Joshua B. Aslam says


    I’m really happy to see your work with your team and your community i have been really impressed to see your work for the Christians.
    We will launch our website as soon as possible and I will inform you that soon so we can help each other in this way. .

    Please give your feedback as soon as possible.

    Thanks and Blessings in Christ,

    Joshua B.Aslam

  3. Avatar patricia says

    I want to know if NIKE FOUNDATION is also considering SOUTH AFRICA especially SOWETO our teenagers here are uncontrolable , We would like to know more of GIRLS EFFECT.

    • Hello Patricia,
      There is no geographical restriction for this opportunity. Please read the opportunity article and eligibility criteria carefully and proceed.
      Good luck!

  4. Avatar Bwalhuma Yese says

    Greetings from community peace Volunteers, COPEVO work for the Rights advocacy for life improvement of children and their Families through Knowledge and skills in Kasese District western Uganda.
    we kindly seek for partnership on sharing experience and information.
    Thank you
    Bwalhuma Yese