Stichting INGKA Foundation

The Stichting INGKA Foundation is a Dutch Foundation founded in 1982 by Ingvar Kamprad, the Swedish billionaire, who is the founder of IKEA. INGKA is one of the largest charitable foundations in the world and the second-largest nonprofit organization in the world.

Little was known about the Foundation’s charitable activities until The Economist magazine criticised the Foundation for being the worlds most wealthy charity whilst simultaneously being one of its least generous. The increased attention brought by the article catalysed change at the Foundation to make more donations as well as changing its stated purpose from “innovation in the field of architectural and interior design” to “helping children and families in the developing world help themselves to a better everyday life by funding programmes that support fundamental needs for children and women.

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The Foundation donated  €82m in 2012 and  €65m in 2011. Unfortunately the Foundation does not have a grant application procedure as it prefers to work with partners with programmes managed by established and well-regarded NGO’s and IGO’s in order to secure top experts, develop innovative approaches, influence and navigate government policy, and achieve the critical mass it takes to make an impact. The largest recipients of funding from the INGKA Foundation were UN agencies such as UNICEF, UNHCR and UNDP as well as Save the Children.

To know more about this Foundation, visit this link.


  1. Avatar MR DANIEL MAINO says

    i have sent you the proposal for your consideration kindly respond.

  2. Avatar judith tallam says

    iam a proffessional in kenya working with the ministry of health Elgeiyo marakwet county under the school health programme weve in partnering with worldvision kenya in implementing some programmes but word wish and request your support fund has roll out hiv aids programmes in the schools on awareness peer pressure and the effects of drug abuse the stratgeties through health education guidance and counselling setting up a county youth friendly centre and services

    thanks in advance God bless

    judith tallam[public health officer school health programme]

  3. Avatar Frederick Alang Kum says

    Leader of Comunidade Missionaria Crista Internacional in Guinea-Bissau, our aims and objectives are to fight poverty, ignorance and superstition in this poverty stricken nation. Ignorance and superstition has rendered the country very poor. We provide formal and informal education to get people out of dogmatic thinking. We run a nursery and primary school to empower children to study for a better future. We seek partners to meet the school fees of children. Currently we are working with REACH ITALIA which has taken charge of sponsoring 104 children. We want to increase our sponsorship of girls because they are the most marginalized. We also hope to create a computer laboratory for early learning.

    We need partnership with your organization or any other organization to achieve these objectives.
    We are currently constructing a four classroom block with German Embassy Dakar support. But these classrooms are not enough. We need more classrooms for the children so as to prepare them for a better tomorrow.

    Thank you for anticipated cooperation. God bless you.

    Frederick Alang Kum(pastor)

  4. Avatar Abdul Karim Kamara says

    Movement for Assistance and Promotion of Rural Communitiies In Sierra Leone (MAPCO)

    MAPCO was launched in 1986 by a group of rural women to undertake income-generating activities. From these humble beginnings it has today grown to become one of Sierra Leone’s leading indigenous NGOs, working with over 40 communities and groups in the eastern and southern regions of the country.

    1. Vision

    An empowered society with reduced poverty and discrimination where every person has the right to fulfil their potential for a positive and sustainable change.

    2. Mission

    To support poor and marginalised persons to build their capacity for sustainable livelihood and social change and by addressing the barriers that limit their participation in decision making processes that affect their lives.

    3. Key Aims

    MAPCO shall achieve its mission by:

    1. Implementing projects which empower vulnerable people by providing skills and tackle discrimination

    2. Supporting the establishment, and build the capacity of CBOs to provide services to their communities

    3. Sharing the learning from our work for wider replication and impact.

    Over the years, it has diversified from its core activities of small enterprise support to provide a wide range of services including training in literacy, governance and HIV/AIDS awareness as well as rural technology development and dissemination.

    It has derived substantial support over the last 15 years from its association with both external and internal donors including the UK NGO, APT – Enterprise Development as its major funding partner, the German NGO GTZ, TRICKLE UP (TUP) New York, FAO, the Finish Refugee Council Sierra Leone Programme, NCDDR/UNAMSIL, the NaCSA- SAPA Programme etc. This has provided MAPCO with enhanced access to UK funding agencies – specifically DFID and Comic Relief – and also to the accumulated expertise of the family of NGOs with which APT works in Africa and Asia.

    Over the last two decades, MAPCO has developed an effective strategy for building the capacity of its client community-based organizations (CBOs). It has never ceased to innovate, always introducing new elements in this capacity-building process. Most recently, it has begun to deliver micro credit facilities in response to the emerging needs of its client CBOs.

    MAPCO currently has one donor-funded project and recently completed one major donor funded project.

    We are with strong believe that every support directed through MAPCO to intended communities will be judiciously utilised and will benefit the poor and vulnerable communities and people especially women, children and youth.

    Thanks in advance


    Abdul Karim Kamara
    Programme Manager


  5. Dear Sir/Ma,

    I greet you in the name of God, I am an individual who is personally need life safers.

    I and my family are living in southwest region of Nigeria and we need financial support to start livestock farm to be able to have our daily bread and sponsor our children education.

    I am a well trained animal health and production technician but there is no employment due to the economy crisis in our nation and there is no government funds for least class citizen like us, this is the reason i am seeking financial assistance. God bless you all.

  6. Avatar Phabian mbenani says


  7. Avatar Phabian mbenani says

    Dear sir/madam we are in Tanzania kahama working with vulnerable youths for building infrastructures would you kindly join us hands,with honour to remain yours faithfully phabian

  8. Dear sir ,and Madam

    I hope my email finds you well , I am From local Ngo ( ACAD) in Palestine working with men and women farmers in Palestine at the rural area ,so far , we are looking for a assisting the impoverished small farmers who are in needed for our assistance in that time ,and we hope to have a cooperation to finance some productive project for poor farmers who has no income to have an access for the production .

    We have more detail to clarify to you about the situation there, and I hope to meet each other at near time .

  9. Avatar Women & Adolescent Girls Empowerment Program (WAGEP) says

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    We are a local NGO in Liberia working with very poor Women and less fortunate adolescent
    girls.We are kindly asking you to help support our organization to enable us address
    the plights of our people.


    TASEWE is a newrly established non governmental ,non profit making organanization established in 2011,with the aim of working for women ,girls and children wellfaire in the whole of mainlanda Tanzania,TASEWE is looking for long term support from donors to implementting designated girls project that will be implemented in bagamoyo district where there are violence of children rights,school drop out,early marriages ans forced marriages.
    TASEWE believes that if this project gate support then girls and women will be free from acts of gender based violence.
    Please support TASEWE.
    Thank you in advance ,
    Mary Masalla,
    Executive Director,