Top 25 UK Foundations Funding Projects Around the World

There are hundreds of Foundations and donor agencies supporting the NGOs efforts towards different issues for an equitable society. Applying to trusts and foundations is largely about demonstrating how your particular project can help them achieve their purpose. In any process of fundraising, it is important to understand that not every donor will fund your cause. There can be thousands of donor agencies but only a few them would really be interested in listening to your project idea. Only right information can help you identify such donors and raise funds from them.

In this document, we have analyzed some major donors from the UK. As an estimate by European Foundation Center, there are about 7,500 grant-making trusts and foundations in the UK, giving a total of approx ₤2 billion in grants each year to charities.

We have generated a ‘long list’ of UK grant makers supporting different projects around the world. These foundations support projects:

  1. Empowering women
  2. Education
  3. Livelihood
  4. Civil Society Development
  5. Health
  6. Environment and Conservation
  7. Democracy & Human rights

Please read these Top 25 UK Foundations thoroughly by clicking Next and apply to the relevant one to secure funding for your organization/group.

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  1. Suleman says:

    This is a local ngo call partnerships for development network that operate in impoverished communities in ghana. Currently we are into women empowment which we want to build an industry to extract groundnut oil in a strategic location that will benefit all the groups in our communities. This will help the women to be economical independent. please how do we get your support ?

  2. Wakjira Gudeta says:

    Dear whom it may concern that as i visited this site for more information and advice on how to get a fund from donor agencies to support grow the already existing agriculture project” Odaa Livestock Production and Trading Center” based in the Gambia.
    Thank you for your help
    From the founder and managing Director

    • Hello Wakjira,

      Thank you very much for your kind words.

      Good luck with your fundraising!

  3. Thanks for the good work may God bless you all.i work with the children who are with different disabilities and the most forgotten and rejected in the society.who are in need of everything starting with human love,shelther,education health and need to be empowered to be people in the society.we have tried to provide but the resources we do not have to fulfill all more especially education ,health and other needs because these children they have no parents neither relative who can visit them they have non of those.
    now is there any funding for such programme.please thanks and may God bless you.hope to hear from you soon. remain in God’s grace. bye

  4. Antwi Benjamin says:

    please i am from Ghana and has currently secured an admission to study MSC The extractive industries,environment and sustainability at the university of Surrey,UK to help my country in the area of mining,oil and gas sector(extractive industry in Ghana.) i am currently facing financial problems and would like to know if there are any links to help me get grants to help me offer the program

  5. Solomie Guinn says:

    I am working in Uganda now as missionaries working with children from impoverished homes, street children, orphans and youth. We are building a children home as well as empowering youth through learning life skills such as farming, poetry etc that can help them earn income to take care of their families.

    Is there funding for such programs?

  6. Hello,
    SAP- Bangladesh is a national level Bangladeshi Organization. Actually we implemented different kinds of project on the basis of our thematic area. However, Now We have an innovative on Environment and WASH. Could you get any such opportunities? if u know about this, who fund for this please let me know.


  7. charles Okul says:

    Can our group only secure funding from donors only when when we are registered webinars premium member

  8. want to become a member. we intend to learn more about this wonderful services. we are based in Zambia and provide long life projects.

  9. Hope for Tomorrow -Sierra Leone says:

    We are a local NGO operating in the northern province of Sierra Leone.Can we apply for grant.

    Augustine TM Conteh

  10. Good evening? my request is that we have an institution based on bringing up children from less for tuned families to learn in an atmosphere that would foresee them lead a better we are kindly looking for a well wisher to come to our rescue for a classroom building please

  11. nous sommes à la recherche des partenaires pour la construction d’un centre orphelinat suivi d’un centre de santé dans la commune de sèmè-podji au Bénin.

  12. it’s one of users who solicits you demand for your offer he is concerned, pending a favorable response , please approved , Respectfully

  13. Hi,l would like to thank you for all the kind and good work you do in the world,we highly support you as an organisation that deals with housing rights and human rights we wish to request for donations to assist the poor of the poorest in south africa, of course with in intention to spread out through out the world.

  14. Nuatro Stephen says:

    I am an Emergency Medical Technician with the Ghana National Ambulance Service and wish to raise fund to help the sick, disabled persons and the aged in some poor communities in Ghana and need help as to how to get funding for this project. Any vital information will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  15. thanks sir for the great job there . i wish to apply for funding of my project that is on going in our communities, thanks for the support

  16. we would love to work in partnership with uk orgs and donors in implenting our drug, alcohol and substance abuse prevention and education programs in Bulawayo province and Zimbabwe at large. we are looking forward to posive response