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10-Step Guide to Raise Funds

This is a document on raising funds developed by Youth United, Habitat for Humanity.

The document provides a 10-step process to raise sustainable funds for humanitarian activities. The document focuses on the development of a strategic fundraising plan that would ensure long-term benefits.

It identifies the need for strategic and systematic planning for raising funds. It demonstrates a 10 step mechanism that can prove to be quite beneficial while raising funds for various humanitarian activities.

It explains how to create a fund-raising sub-committee, and the importance of fundraising goals. It also demonstrates how examining fund-raising history can improve future prospects for raising funds.


It explains how one can identify and prioritize funding, and how to select the appropriate strategy to raise funds. It directs the people to create organizational support systems, and to determine and assign various tasks to different people. The document underlines the importance of developing close-relationship with donors, which can be done by establishing effective and amicable communication with the donors.

You can download the document from this link.

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