Canadian Embassy Funding for NGOs

Canadian Embassies provide funding and technical support to small NGOs in developing countries under the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI). CFLI is a programme administered by the Canadian High Commission to support local initiatives whose priority areas depend on geographical scopes. Calls for proposals are normally open throughout the year and proposals shall be sent to the local Canadian Embassy for assessment. An application form to fill in is available to download from the website of your local Embassy. Although the aims and goals of these calls varies according to the most urgent needs of your country, CFLI is generally interested in projects dealing with good governance, human rights, and democratic development. Applicants shall be able to demonstrate previous project management experience and shall have a bank account. The Fund cannot be used to sponsor individual scholarship, pure research projects, business ventures, construction sites, or the payment of administrative costs not directly related to the development of a specific project.

In order to find out more about open calls in your country, check the website of your Canadian Embassy or contact them directly. For instance, CFLI supports small NGOs in Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi that address the priority themes by focusing on the promotion of gender equality, environmental sound practices and that incorporate conflict-sensitive approach aimed at reducing tensions between antagonistic communities. The Fund priorities for Argentina are advancing democracy, ensuring security, creating opportunities for children and young people, and increasing food security. Same emphasis on youth, democracy, and stability is given to the priority areas in India with an additional window open to projects stimulating sustainable economic growth.

For instance, projects funded in Botswana supported Community Development through Initiatives helping orphans and vulnerable children. Similarly, projects developed in Malawi focused on the training of young people and set up centres for childcare. A complete list of projects funded by CFLI can be accessed via the Canadian International Development Agency Browser, which gives detailed information of sponsored projects according to geographic areas. It is always a good idea to look up for projects developed in your country to understand what kind of activities have been previously funded.

Overall, consider that your local Embassy could have established deadlines for the submission of proposals. The application form is quite straightforward and does not present major technical difficulties. If you work in a young NGO and cannot provide a history of successfully managed projects, consider collaborating with more experience organisations; it is always a good way to start and to learn from those who started before you did!

A list of Canadian embassies are listed here.


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  1. Brian Gift Malinganizah says:

    Hie, am the director of the NGO called AGEING, WIDOWS, WIDOWERS & ORPHANS MINISTRY(AWWOM) located at Salima-Malawi. It was formed in 2011 and is dealing with Elderly and Orphans issues, but never get funding. Therefore, I write to ask if we can work in partnership with you or any other doners/ well wishers who can support us capacity building, office buiding and furnitures, vehicles, can help us in proper operations of our NGO. Thanks and hope you will assist us soon.

  2. We are some student rover and girl-in-rover establish a organization in the view to ensure education facility for drop out slum child. We are running a school in our college rover den(Tongi Govt. College,Gazipur, Bangladesh), where 40 slum child studied. If any organization support and financially help us we will run another 10 same school. Last 2 year we give our students Book, pencil, note book for writing, winter dress and arrange annual prize distribution ceremony which presided by our beloved principal. In my FB site prize distribution ceremony’s photo is uploaded.

  3. Majedur Rahman Khan says:

    Actually working with developing work in our area in Dhaka -Bangladesh
    so any body show his sympathy or initiative for our work in the needy peoples.

  4. moses mahenge says:

    Hi,am the director of the NGO known as Tutashinda legal aid centre located at Kisarawe coast region Tanzania this is the small and the new one dealing with legal issues, but we never get fund.I write to you if you can help us to find donors who can give us atleast $10,000 for capacity building and that will be the beginning of expansion of our NGO.Also our need is not only money if we can get second office furniture or vehicles they can help us alot in smooth operation of our Ngo.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you very soon.