DFID Development Innovation Fund’s Grant Application Form simplified -4

After sending the application form by email, a confirmation email for receiving the application will be sent to the applicant within two days. Within the next five days, an application tracking number will be given which can be used by the applicant in his/her correspondence with DIF. For example, if you have submitted your proposal three months ago and still have not heard anything about it from DIF, you can simply email the Fund Manager with your application number and you will get your response accordingly.

The DFID Development Innovation Fund’s (DIF) application form is one of the most simple formats for proposal writing. It does not have more than 30 questions and does not seek to be longer than 5 pages. The questions are also not too complicated and can be answered easily.

In the Section 1, 1.1, basic or introductory information about a project is sought. The project title should not be more than 10 words: remember to make it catchy, clear and focused towards your goal. Some examples can be:

“Sustainable Farming Livelihoods for the Poor”

“Improving Social Security Access for Rural Women

“Empowering Women through Human Rights Education


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