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Fundraising Guides for NGOs available Online for Free

We have compiled a list of major fundraising guides available for free on the internet. These guides offer interesting and useful tips and advice on how to raise funds for your organization.

Whether you are working on livelihood development or human rights or for youths or just promoting the cause of animals, these various guides provide step-by-step guidance in helping you identify and seek grants. Besides guiding you on what goes into organizing fundraising programs for NGOs, some of these guides also have list of resources and agencies from where you can seek funding support. These guides play a crucial role in enhancing the capacity of the NGOs for their long-term institutional sustainability.

All these guides have been compiled from various sources and they are all available for free download. So go ahead and start visiting these links and download the guides to learn the necessary tools and techniques on fundraising:

  1. “Resources for Mobilizing Funding for Development Projects”
  2. “Towards Financial Self-Reliance: A Handbook on Resource Mobilization for Civil Society Organizations in the South”
  3. “Strategies to strengthen NGO Capacity in Resource Mobilization Through Business Activities”
  4. “Training Manual on Fundraising and Resource Mobilization for Charities and Small NGOs”
  5. “A Guide to Fundraising”
  6. “Designing a Successful Fund Raising Campaign for Your NGO”
  7. “A Fundraising Guide for NGOs”
  8. “International Fundraising: Now More Important Than Ever?”
  9. “Guide to Conservation Finance”
  10. “Raising Funds and Mobilising Resources for HIV/AIDS Work”
  11. “Ten Steps to raise Funds”
  12. “Nonprofit Fundraising A Guide to New Trends and Resources”
  13. “A Brief on Resource Mobilization”
  14. “GYC Fundraising Guide”
  15. Fundraising for the Cause of Animals
  16. Guide on Fundraising for Animal Protection
  17. “NGO Capacity Building Reference Manual”
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