The Global Fund for Women Grants: How to Write Your Proposal

The Global Fund for Women is an organization that provides funding to women-led organizations and women groups worldwide for advancement of women and girls’ human rights. The organization provides funding to non-US organizations. The Global Fund for Women supports strengthening women-led groups. The amount of funding varies from $5,000 to $30,000 per year for project expenses. First-time donation is limited to $5,000 to $13,000 per year.

The types of project that may be supported through The Global Fund for Women may fall into the following broad thematic areas:

  • Building Peace & Ending Gender-Based Violence
  • Advancing Health and Sexual & Reproductive Rights
  • Expanding Civic & Political Participation
  • Ensuring Economic & Environmental Justice
  • Increasing Access to Education
  • Fostering Social Change Philanthropy

This list is not exhaustive. Applicant can also propose other activities but have to strongly demonstrate that their actions significantly promote human rights of women and girls.

Criteria for Applying for the Global Fund for Women Grants

In order to get funding from the Global Fund you must meet all of the following basic eligibility criteria

  • Based in a country outside USA
  • Primarily focused on promoting women’s equality and human rights. These goals must be clearly reflected in your organizational activities.
  • Must be a women’s group or organization. Global Fund for Women does not fund individuals.
  • It is governed, directed, and led by women. Women must fill all or most of the leadership roles.
  • It is not necessary to be registered as an NGO to get funding.

Priorities Overview

Every year Global Fund for Women receives a huge number of proposals, but can only provide support to 20% organizations. Priority is given to small women-led organizations with no access to larger donor fund, located in a region or country with limited access to funding, working on controversial women’s issues which are difficult to recognize their human rights (sexual and reproductive health rights, LGBTI rights etc.), working with marginalized population (sex workers, lesbian etc.) etc.


In exceptional case, the Global Fund for Women supports mixed gender organizations when they serve marginalized women focused projects such as women with disability, women within LGBTQI organization.




    our organization aims at supporting women living with HIV/AIDS, promoting Human Right and sustainable agriculture. kindly send us your email so that we are able to send you our proposal for supporting women living with HIV/AIDS.

    Thank you

  2. Community Development & Humanitarian Network (CODHNET) is a local non-governmental, non-profit making organization. CODHNET mainly operates as cross-border in both Somalia and Kenya, mainly Focus on South Central Somalia and North Eastern Province in Kenya.

    Our goal is to lay down the foundation for an effective Women rights movement recognized locally and internationally which is able to lobby and advocate women and child rights Issues, Building Peace and ending Gender Based Violence (GBV) and community mobilization.

    CODHNET provide different Healthcare in South Central Somalia and North Eastern Province of Kenya, especially to improve the Health and sexual and reproductive rights of Women. Therefore we are requesting you to send us an application form to apply for your financial/ grants.
    Your cooperation will highly appreciate.

    Warm Regards,

    CODHNET Executive Director

  3. farida yemin says:

    dear sir ,
    Greeting from shantakali samaj kallayan samity(SSKS (This is our great pleasure to introduce you to SSKS is a woman headed non-govt.non- profit,voluntary & Social welfare organization working in the country for the envelopment of health,education ,health center ,Mather health & Nutrition development ,women& Child rights. Training,Disabled Rehabilitation ,Advocacy & human Rights, mobilization, awareness deaf girls I therefore kindly beg you to send us an application form to apply for your financial support.
    than SSKS wishes your kind cooperation.

    sincerely yours

    farida yesmin

    • Muhammad Ajmal says:

      We greet you in the name of Allah almighty.
      Nahar King Welfare Organization (NKWO) working for development programs for promoting of Human Rights,Democracy, Climate Change, Educational Development, Health, Awareness & Advocacy, Environment Risk Reduction, Women Empowerment, Child Labor, Democratic Governance, Legal Education, Human & Institutional Development, Community Physical Infrastructure, Social Justice, Disaster Management, Gender & Development, Peace & Social Harmony, Credit & Enterprise Development, Monitoring Evaluation and Research, & Poverty Alleviation and improvement of quality of life of the poor.
      Please, guide us how can we apply funding. We are based Muzaffargarh, South Punjab, Pakistan, whereas our area is flood affected and poor population consist, in Pakistan. Regards.

      • Gamala Liutel says:

        Dear Muhammad,
        Please find appropriate funding opportunity for your organization and apply. Applying to appropriate funds/grants is must for your proposal to be accepted.
        Good Luck!

  4. Kusain Wegulo says:

    Am a founder of an organization called Reach out to Deaf Children in Busoga- Uganda ( RODCIBU) based in Jinja, Uganda. This is a community based organization working with and for girls with hearing impairment to get vocational skills for self employment. Many deaf girls drop out of school in Primary level in Busoga and Uganda at large without any skill. RODCIBU is mobilizing these girls in Busoga region and referring them to vocational institutions to acquire various skills for self reliance in their communities. However,we have inadequate funds for mobilization, awareness raising, paying for tuition and other scholastic requirements. There is an overwhelming number of deaf girls who are in need. I therefore kindly beg you to send us an application form to apply for your financial support.

    Thank you very much.
    Wegulo Kusain
    Jinja, Uganda

  5. I am a health coordinator in Faith based organization Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekana Yesus in Ethiopia. We provide diffrent Healthcare in West Wollega, especally to improve the Health of Women. Among that Sexual and reproductive Health one component . But we need financial support to achive the work properly.
    How can I apply for your organization.
    Please Could you send me your application format

    Thank you

    West Wollega, Ethiopia

  6. Beyonce Lucky Awish says:

    Globe fund for women and gender equality is good but did Globe fund ever check that these funds are reaching at the grass root level or simply disappear in Govt pockets. The Globe Fund should rely on NGOs rather then govts , because at least the NGOs are working at the grass root level and have direct
    interaction with the needy people.
    My NGOs name Hypothetical Girls Education Project

    • Mr Numfor Yedy Che says:

      Dear Beyonce lucky Awish
      Our Organization Name ” Community Empowerment Association” (CEA) is not a Govt institution, we are a Community based independent Organization, that is register under the Government and working directly with the grass root less privileged people in the BAKASSI Area in the South West Region of Cameroon eg. single mothers,and a host of other needy Groups, through skills building and promoting sustainable livelihood.
      we wish to work with Hypothetical Girls Education Project so as to help Ameliorate the lives of the needy in our Community.
      hoping to hear from you soon

      • Hi every one, Am glad to share this concern with you. Am executive Director of a community based organization in Uganda and among the activities we do includes gender based violence prevention and economic empowerment for rural women. FREDAfrica’s board of directors structure has 5 women and 2 men. Is there a chance for us also to apply for this grant please? If not, i request you kindly also to consider such organizations too because also men play an important role in ending violence against women.
        I will appreciate when given a chance to apply too.

        Executive Director

      • Sivalingam Santhirimathy says:

        Our Organization Local Registered ngo in Sri Lanka. At supporting women living with poverty to promoting Human Rights &Sustainable development and also our response to change change makers women and women community level intuition level to end Violence against women Campaign with We Can global net work. (We can).
        Please consider continue about our Organization important women work.

        Sri Lanka.