Guide on Promoting Resource Mobilization through Commercial Activities

The paper entitled ‘Strategies to strengthen NGO Capacity in Resource Mobilization Through Business Activities’ aims to help NGOs working on HIV/AIDS and other health and development issues, by providing them with guidelines on how to engage in business activities to mobilize their resources. The paper is co-authored by Mechai Viravaidya and Jonathan Hayssen, and is published by PDA and UNAIDS Joint Publication. It is a part of UNAIDS Best Practice Collection. The document is beneficial for NGOs that are working towards a healthier society by tackling the issue of HIV/AIDS and other diseases but lack funds for their humanitarian projects.

The document is developed as UNAIDS Best Practice key material, and it primarily focuses on the issues faced by NGO managers who are working on HIV/AIDS and other health related issues, throughout the world, providing them with practical information on the opportunities available through alternative resource mobilization strategies, especially business activities. It also aims to make them aware of the problems associated with such strategies, thereby arming them against any unforeseen situations.

 Strategies to Strengthen NGO Capacity

The document highlights the basic funding problems faced by NGOs, and directs them towards implementing the most appropriate strategies for resource-generation, so that they can continue with their development activities. It guides the NGO managers to achive financial stability through diversification. Instead of relying on one source, they should diversify and increase their resources. The document explains strategies that can be implemented to help NGOs derive commercial benefits. It shows how the NGOs can develop and implement effective business plans, thereby making them successful business owners.

The document is equally beneficial for the policy makers, donor agencies and other NGO supporters, as it aims to inspire them to increase their support to these development organizations, and help them achieve commercial success.

You can download the paper from this link.

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