What should be included in the Activities in a Project Proposal on Promotion of Democracy and Good Governance?

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Activities represent tasks or work you are going to perform in a project, in order to reach the goal of the solving of the problem targeted by the project. The most important thing we need to keep in mind is that the activities section has to be closely correlated or connected to the objectives and the strategies, which means the three sections: the objectives, the strategies, and the activities are three descriptions from different angles for the same goal, the goal of the project. If the three sections are not closely related, it means that the proposal is not well organized and designed, and will have very high probability to be rejected by the donors. Since the competition of getting funded is stronger, we highly recommend that you pay more attention to the correlation of the three sections in your proposal.

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Once you have made the decisions of your strategies, it should not be too difficult to figure out the activities you plan to perform since the activities are the practical translations or derivations of the strategies. And if possible, the designs of the activities should be result oriented. The alternatives you may have are going to visit other communities that have been working on similar projects, and following their ways to choose activities for your proposal. You may also use those activities that have been performed successfully by others as references which will increase the quality of your proposed project, and will increase the funding possibilities. Gantt charts should be used in this section to show your personnel plan, equipment plan, work plan, etc. A guideline of the activities is as follows for your reference.

Improving the Governmental Policy Decision Making in Mumbai – Activities

1) A democratic governmental decision making network of a ‘voter activity center’ and a ‘proposition center’ will be organized.

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2) Surveys to collect complaints and opinions of local people of the current policy making procedure will be conducted and the results will be analyzed by using computer software.

3) Educational workshops, street shows, and rallies on the significances of the involvement of the people in governmental policy decision-making will be organized.

4) The communications and conversations between the government and local populations will be promoted by the local communities.

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