How NGOs can develop Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are the authentic records of the meetings held during the implementation period. Before we proceed on this section, it is very important to understand that minutes are the records of actions taken. It is not the record of everything that is said in the meeting. That is a transcript. For writing meeting minutes:

  • Proper recording of meeting is very important. Hence arrive early and choose a seat near the facilitator. You may use a recording device with due permission.
  • Obtain a copy of agenda in advance. As the agenda outlines the key points of discussion, you will be aware of them beforehand and you can make a section for each agenda to record the discussions held under them.
  • Edit the minutes taken by you as early as you can after the meeting when the discussions of the meeting are fresh in your memory.
  • Write the date, time, location and the name of attendees at the beginning of the minutes.
  • Write down the key points of discussion, the important decisions and the responsibilities given.
  • At the end use the follow up section to tell the future course of action i.e. who needs to do what and the deadline of the task.
  • While writing the minutes do not use figurative language. Stick to the facts only and do not add your judgments or opinions.
  • Use the bullet points to keep things clear and concise while writing meeting minutes.


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