How NGOs can write Quarterly Reports for their Projects

Generally, long term projects demand the quarterly reports on the progress of the project. Quarterly progress report provides an update on the project and reviews its progress every three months. While writing quarterly reports your sentences should contribute to an understanding of the progress made and difficulties and challenges faced while giving an outlook of the future.

For writing quarterly progress report:

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  • Create a title page in the same manner you created the cover page of the monthly report.
  • Give a table of contents.
  • Write an executive summary highlighting the demonstrative results and achievements of the quarter and the conclusion you have drawn from them. Executive summary of the Quarterly report should not go beyond one page.
  • Provide an introduction of the project, with its aims and objectives, highlighting the objectives set for that quarter and its implementation area. Include a summary of the work plan and your approach.
  • In the main body of the report, present an update on activities referring the monthly reports and discuss the results or the progress. You may present these results in the form of tables or figures. This will help the readers to visualize the feature that you want them to acknowledge.
  • Add a chapter on real difficulties and challenges if any.
  • Outline the conclusions drawn which lead to the fulfillment of the project objectives.
  • Though not mandatory, you have the option to explain what you intend to cover in the next quarter.
  • Add appropriate pictures as the picture gallery or fit them in between your report at the appropriate places.
  • Quarterly reports should be kept succinct.
  • Preparing the quarterly report for the first time may be a little difficult but it becomes easier over time. It is a good practice to follow the same format of the quarterly report for the one single project.