Objectives and Mission of the NGO – Common Questions in Proposal Writing

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In order to know more about the organization, many donors want to know about the objectives, mission or goal of the NGO in the proposals. So it is better to list them out in the master template instead of typing them again and again in different proposal application forms.

A mission or goal of the organization can be very important to make a funding decision for a donor agency. So you need to have a proper mission that reflects the idea and work of the organization. If you are a registered NGO, then you already have a mission. You can rephrase this mission anytime just to keep up with the times. But make sure that whatever project you are applying for is somehow related to your mission. If your mission is about improving the environment and you are submitting a proposal for disability support, then the donor would instantly reject your proposal. So always develop the mission in relation to the project you are proposing.

Also, a mission should be a broad statement or a general idea for which you working for. Avoid trying to be very specific in this regard. When you come down to writing the objectives of your organization, you can be very specific.

For example, “to increase awareness of farmers about climate change issues” is more of an objective. In this regard, a mission can be: “To educate the community on a range of environmental issues.”

You can mention your objectives and mission in the master template so that it is easy to copy it and paste it in any proposal application form.


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