Prepare the staff in fundraising work


We often think that fundraising is a serious job and only someone with a high level of education and experience can undertake it. But this cannot be true always.

We believe that a person, mostly young and enthusiastic, with basic writing and speaking skills and some level of proficiency in computers and the internet can be suitable for this job. All we need to do is render the power of technology to this person in the best interests of the organization.

Look around your staff and find out who is good in communication and managing computer work. It could be your office assistant or a project officer or a field staff. The person may be currently busy with his or her own project work, but it is your responsibility to ensure that this person spares at least 25% of the time for the sake of the organization. After all, it is the organization that will remain through all the time, not the project.

We select this person and assign him or her with the additional task of raising funds for the organization.

To begin with it, it is important to make this person responsible! To make him or her feel that bringing revenues for the organization is one of the crucial tasks and he or she is now involved with it.

It is also important to ensure that the person has enough time to do it. In many organizations, the office assistant may already have too much work at hand and may not be able to devote time for fundraising. Make it a rule that the office assistant spends at least 1-2 hours every day only on covering fundraising work for your organization.

One of the ways to make someone responsible is to hand him or her a list of activities that need to be done. Develop a job description for the person so that he or she can have targets to be achieved.