Trainer Manual to Conduct a Course for Resource Mobilization

The trainer manual entitled ‘Towards Financial Self-Reliance: A Handbook on Resource Mobilization for Civil Society Organizations in the South’ was developed for trainers and facilitators who want to conduct a 4 day course on resource mobilization for civil society organizations in the South.

The author of the book is Richard Holloway. The handbook contains facilitator’s guide to the text, complete set of overheads, complete set of handouts and instructions for exercise.

The trainer manual contains the main text of the handbook and provides suggestions on the presentation of each section. It provides a complete time-table for the 4 day course, including the number of sessions to be held per day, along with session plans. The course to be conducted as per the manual should be attended by Southern civil society organizations that are interested in mobilizing their resources. According to the manual, ideally, the participants should be big and small organizations, with two people from each organization attending the course.

 Trainer Manual

The manual provides detailed instructions for the facilitator, explaining his role and duties. Moreover, it also throws light on logistics and locale, so that the course is conducted without any hindrance or trouble. It clearly highlights the fact that the course will not be a series of lecture sessions delivered by experts, but would be a productive activity involving all the participants. The manual makes it clear that the facilitator will only guide the participants to share their experiences, and discuss various issues faced by them; hence, the facilitator is not required to be an expert.

The manual clearly emphasizes the importance of group-discussion and active participation of all participants. It directs the facilitator to ensure that the participants come prepared for an inter-active session. It also directs the trainer on how to make preparations for the course, and how to conduct the course effectively, so that it would prove to be beneficial for the participating organizations, by broadening their horizons in the realm of resource mobilization.

You can download the manual from this link.