How to Write, Develop and Manage Your Youth Development Projects

The main goal of this guide is to explain how to write and manage a project addressing youth in a successful way. The Guide starts by explaining what we mean with Project Management. It will continue by explaining how to deal with the different phases of Project Management namely Preparation, Planning, Implementation and End of the Project. An additional section will explain in details how to deal with Budgeting and Financial Reports.

The Guide covers the following topics:



  1. Ireen beryle says:

    I would wish you to support me in my youth group in Kenya,western region Teso south district.

  2. Shola Ajayi says:

    Highly resourceful. It is useful for developing my strategies and capacity building for youth development in my organisation

  3. Smith K Deo says:

    Del’s so many young children’s need’s funding, especially in africa, because the gorvenment of Africa they not care to the people

    • Ireen beryle says:

      Its true in Africa especially Kenya most youths in the western part of the country are frustrated because of lack of funds.

  4. Imran Anwar says:

    Its a great learning….
    You can make a work document by copying and pasting the details on MS Word.


  5. Pankaj Anand says:

    Can you please make a PDF or word copy of the guide “How to Write, Develop and Manage Your Youth Development Projects” available for my regular future use as a resource mobilisation professional?




    Many young people all over the world must be supported with project if not there will have trouble in the future we want.

  7. Verkijika says:

    It will be very good if you can organise your resources into PDF, files so that some of us who lack full access to internet can download and print

  8. Sithole Petros says:

    Continue providing us with information which will help us moveY.E.S.O.(youth PVO)as an ExecutiveDirector of the ORGANISATION

  9. Watuwa Nathan M says:

    Indeed if this post reached all organizations in rural areas would make a big change as far as projects are concerned.
    Much Thanks for this post