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How to Write the Implementation and the Innovation in the Project Description? Nestle Prize in Creating Shared Value

The implementation section is about those activities having been implemented or taken in the nominated project which requires 1,500 characters with spaces. Activities are the detail work of the solutions solving the problem, and you need to convince the reviewers that the solutions are innovative locally, and have solved the problem with high-efficiencies. The activities can be described as concrete steps that the project has already implemented to meet its objectives. The activities should include how the community and other organizations are engaged or represented in. For example, if the project supports clean water, it could be demonstrated that how affected populations were beneficial and their involvements to the project. The CSV prize intends to support those projects with innovations and sustainability.

You may refer to those activities that have been performed successfully by previous winner to help you to develop your descriptions, and a standard and formal description of the past activities and implementations will help convince the reviewers. You may use a list to save spaces if the volume of the information is bigger than the available space, but not chart since chart cannot be loaded to the online form. The following is an example of a list of implementations:

1. 2006 – 2008: a clean water system set up in one village, beneficial population 300;

2. 2008 – 2010: several water systems set up in one town, beneficial population 12,500;

3. 2008 – 2012: the set up water system enhanced local business booming from 5 companies to 15; etc.

The innovation section requires 2,000 characters with spaces (less than 350 words), and the project must represent an innovative approach to the problem it sought to solve. Innovations may result from the use of new methods, new models, new technologies, or nomination of old methods, models or technologies in a newer and innovative way. You need to describe how the project is innovative and how it differs from existing approaches or similar approaches in the local area or country. For example, it could be a new clean water solution or system, or a new food chain, or a new rural development strategy, which has been applied to the local community successfully.


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