USAID/Uganda Education and Research to Improve Climate Change Adaptation

Deadline- 21 June 2013

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Uganda is accepting applications for Education and Research to Improve Climate Change Adaptation. The objective of this program is to increase the level of education, professional expertise, and research to help meet the challenge of adapting to climate variability and change in the agricultural sector.

Focus areas-

  • Data quality, access, and availability
  • Capacity support for implementation
  • Stakeholder knowledge
  • Research and analytical capacity

The total estimated budget for this RFA is $3.8 million, subject to the availability of funds.

Eligibility & Criteria-

  • USAID policy encourages competition in the award of Grants and Cooperative Agreements. In response to this RFA, any U.S. or non-U.S. organizations, non-profit, or for-profit entity is eligible to apply.
  • USAID encourages applications from potential new partners.
  • There shall be a minimum cost share of 5% in all applications. Cost Sharing, once accepted becomes a condition of payment of the federal share.

For more information, visit and search by funding opportunity number.RFA-617-13-000004


  1. Zimbabwe National Environment Trust (ZIMNET) says:

    ZIMNET is an NGO that deals with issues on Climate Change issues on mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity, rural livelihood enhancement and environment protection and conservation enhancement. Currently they are running projects on Water Harvesting in the Nyangani Mountain Range in Manicaland Province in Zimbabwe but however due to lack of funding thyey have failed to carry on their operations. The water harvesting project is a must see project and we are inviting donors to come see so that they can assist us in helping the communities in Nyanga so that we can complete this project in Nyanga and beyond.
    Please help us in ways we can get donors and complete our projects and carry on with our work.

    Contact Joseph C. Tasosa (Executive Director) on the above e-mail adress.

  2. Musa onencan says:

    is registered to build there capacity of development in the community so that here goals is achieved. The above group is looking for support or donation from any wel wishers to fund them in the project they are doing Eg tree plantation village loans saving were they borrow to help in there daily basic need,
    They want to know if there is any funding for such project then how can they access it.

  3. rajashekar.g says:

    improve the education skills first and then next very hard working people’s are follow the rules and regulations

  4. mwanje rahumata says:

    hello! i am one of the members starting up and NGO in our community in Jinja – Uganda and at the same time a student at Monaco labs based in Kibuli taking on Cisco networking. i would love to see that i can at least help the rest of the community more so the children the girl youth. so i am requesting to grant me a chance of attaining more knowledge and grant opportunities to take forward my dream.