5 Tips for Great Proposals – A Free “How-To” Video

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Fundsforngos.org has produced a free 10 minute how-to video on proposal writing. The video provides 5 excellent tips on how to develop a better proposal. If you want to write great proposals be sure to watch this useful video.

Fundsforngos.org also offers a range of other resources to improve NGO fundraising capacity – including tools on how to improve your proposals and increase your chances for fundraising success. Please click here to visit the fundsforngos.org resource page.

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  1. Avatar Sony Pen, NLC says

    It is good tips to write proposal to submit to donors but it still be as obstacle for local NGOs to get funds from the donors. The capacity for proposal writing and fundraising of local NGOs still be lacked when the requirements of the donors still be high. Therefore donors should reconsider about the system and make sure local NGOs can get funds to address the basic needs of local populations in the countries.

    Sony Pen
    Executive Director, New Life Cambodia

  2. Avatar john kimani njenga says

    thanks for this proposals it works as our guideliness we have to help the children in need

  3. Avatar Sefu Godel says

    Thank you for this very helpful information.
    I’m the Director of the Disabled Refugees Projects, we are based in Johannesburg and deal with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants with disabilities. The staff of organization is mainly composed by disabled people. We are in a very huge need of skills in writing funding proposals. We will really appreciate any support in this regard.
    Our email address: [email protected]

    Regards and blessings
    Sefu Godel
    Johannesburg, South Africa

  4. Avatar Elijah Ajang says

    I am a Chairman of Youth for Human Right and development, this is organization is South Sudan Based organization it was stablished in 2010 one year before South Sudan independent to help eredicate the violent among south sudanes and promote human right activities. We really do appreciate all the Work of fund for NGOs, this has help has educate our staff on how to raise fund find out fellowship. and we real appreciate even if we don’t get any fund to promote activities we are learning how to raise fund.
    Thanks to Fund for NGOs

    Elijah Ajang Ajang

    South Sudan

  5. Leéiyen is a not for profit, non-governmental, non-sectarian and developmental organisation for sacrificing self to building mind body and soul in mostly developing countries. We are working currently in Cameroon. We love the video and wish if you could send them to us by regular post and other relevant NGO materials. Our contact is .Leéiyen, P.O.Box 637, Mankon Bamenda, North West Region, Cameroon/Africa.

    We are also requesting for volunteers to work on various issues of the organisation as, environment, sustainable development, agriculture, women and children, human rights, community development, capacity building, fundraising, accounting, appropriate technology, conflict resolution and many other topics of interest. out contact is

  6. Avatar Sneha yuva jana sangam zaheerabad India says

    Sneha yuva jana sangam is an NGO established in india to work in youth.at present we are working in zaheerabad area of Andhra Pradesh India .Thanks the vedio is very educative.Can u please send the vidieo to the mail and also can u guide us any body experienced in proposal writings. We want to start a diving school to train youtho

  7. The video is fact fixing and very elaborate

  8. Avatar Uganda National womwn's shelter-Kabale says

    Wonderful Video. Please email us the details.
    Thank you very much.


  9. Avatar Tobias c says

    the tips are simple and easy to follow. thanks

  10. Avatar Jonathan kandiwo says

    I have established an organisation that deals with vulnerable people and human rights, drug addicts, homosexuals and sexually abused people with the purpose of rehabilitation.I greatly appreciate your input in educating us on writing a proposal. Please email me any detail of information that can be of assiatance

  11. Avatar Euroepan Union Peace Network for Africa says

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We thank you for your proposal video. Continue on good works.

    Our Regards.

    Richard (EUPNA)

  12. Thank you gjks is a small ngo in Bangladesh. we work to needy poor people. we help.

  13. Avatar Moses Lottering says

    We really bennefit a lot from all tha valuable information. Thank you very much for you wonderfull assistance.
    Moses Llottering

  14. Avatar CLEMENT MAKUWA says

    I find this Video good and relevant.

  15. These tips are the guiding tools that are essential to look at before we proceede further.Very helpful and useful tips

  16. Avatar Veasna Run says

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Be great to get the free video of 5 tips to write proposal. It’s interesting and can improve my knowledge. I do hope i can get more free subject.

    Veasna Run